Together we will beat cancer


My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

4 Nov 2019 21:27 in response to archiethecat


sprry to hear about your situation.  So here is my perspective for what it's worth. Nobody goes to work to do a bad job, sometimes we don't perform because we haven't been given the training or the correct toolset or we don't have the right mindset which could be things going on at home, or with ourselves.  Unfortunately it sounds like your manager has gone into proving mode rather than understanding and supporting mode.  
I would suggest that you keep notes of all of your conversations with your line manager and have someone accompany you to any meetings.  You say "we've" not been Closing cases out properly which suggests it's not just you, I would ask if they are checking everyone's cases and not just yours if this is the case. I would also try and get the situation back under your control, by stating that you are happy to receive feedback and if there is something that you are not doing if they can point it out you will make sure you do it going forward and that you are willing to undertake further training if needed. Also have a think about what will help with your wife and home situation and also put that on the table, I would be open with them about what's going on and needing more flexibility and ask what options are available to you. They should look into what reasonable adjustments they can make at work to enable you to be in work.  I would also have a confidential chat with your HR lead about home and that you are looking for support but feel that this isn't forthcoming. 

Hope you get it sorted, work is one thing that you don't need to be worrying about at the moment.


My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

5 Nov 2019 08:33 in response to archiethecat


The way you describe the "systems" issues this would not be grounds for any disciplinary issues, sounds like your boss wasn't as much on the ball as she should be if not closing cases for a number of months is a big issue eh?  Was this part of the training, is it part of written processes, do others do this etc.??

I do think you need to get on the offensive a bit more though as your boss is clearly wanting to make a big issue of this.

Good luck

Sam X

My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

8 Nov 2019 12:57 in response to Yorkshire_defector1

Wish me luck. 
I'm just about to go into a 'capability' meeting.

theres a note taker.

i thought they were for disciplinarys? 

My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

8 Nov 2019 14:08 in response to archiethecat

It's been adjourned for 15 mins.

So she's been digging into my past cases. A lot of talk about potential dismissal from the organisation. 
I have a well-being person with me. I feel terrible. I feel that this is it. 




My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

8 Nov 2019 14:51 in response to archiethecat

Adjourned again for half an hour.

Shes summing up her thoughts. Speaking with HR on the phone and then it's feedback time. I honestly think I'm gone here.

My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

8 Nov 2019 18:46 in response to archiethecat


What happened? Did they send you a letter inviting you to this meeting and advising you that dismissal could be a potential outcome? They would need to for any dismissal to be considered fair in a tribunal. 


My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

8 Nov 2019 22:42 in response to Woollylamb

Yeah the letter preceding this capability meeting did mention the potential to dismiss me.

And she did. 
a horrible year

My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

8 Nov 2019 22:57 in response to archiethecat

Oh no, I'm really sorry to hear this, it sounds harsh based on what you have described. Did they provide you with the evidence In advance for you to consider as well?  I hope you have been given the right to appeal, you should do this if you want to take it forward to a tribunal. 

im here if you want to have a chat or a rant.



My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

9 Nov 2019 00:02 in response to archiethecat

That's awful, I think you should approach a solicitor and see what's available to you under the Equality Act

My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

9 Nov 2019 01:18 in response to Magpiemaggie

Not sure what steps to take now.

I guess I'll take advantage of this time to unwravel and clear my mind.

I guess I could take this to a tribunal, but I think it feels like a lot of stress to go through something like that at the moment.

not sure what to do.

My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

9 Nov 2019 02:04 in response to archiethecat

What happened? Did they dismiss you?.. ..something does not feel right with your manager(s)


Here if you need to talk 



My wife has cancer, I could lose my job

9 Nov 2019 10:57 in response to Cyprusfan

Yep they dismissed me.

all about a system they use.

but ever since I started there in January which was a few months before we heard about my wife's illness, I always found their training to be unsatisfactory and there was no context. 
It's an offshoot to a huge global  firm and I joined them because of my background in training and it was a 'training department' Injoined. But the way it was ran was totally chaotic.

I've got quite a case to build from all this.

What annoyed me about that capability meeting was there was no HR representative present.

apparently the manager was going to ring them when we adjourned for a break.

This made it all one sided and because there was no HR there I couldn't say or argue my case effectively about how I felt I'd been treated and how I found their training to be ineffective.

Im already looking for work but using this time to clear my head, be with my wife and children.