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Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

8 Jun 2015 23:42 in response to jayne2



I'm really sorry to hear all your stories and know exactly how you all feel. 

My mum was diagnosed 12 months ago with extensive small cell lung cancer. It was the worst day of my life. I found out I was having my first child   Just a week before that and was frightened to feel she may not be here.

The doctors said 6-12 month and she has done well but I'm beginning to fear the worst again. I'm back home helping as my dad is coping the best and it's hard raising a child and trying to be strong I'm at a loss of what to do now and how to cope anymore  

Big hugs to everyone xx



Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

26 Nov 2015 23:06 in response to samanthamarie

It's Thursday today and on Tuesday my world came crashing down, my mother, my saviour,my best friend was diagnosed with pancriatic cancer, stage 4... My world fell apart for a moment..... Just unsure how much time is left before this cruel disease takes her away from me and my boys.....f##k you cancer you selfish a*****e...

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

27 Nov 2015 15:21 in response to jengirl

I'm sorry jen, that you had to wake to this nightmare. I still remember how the diagnosis of my mom's cancer spilt my life in two - the life before and the life after. At first I couldn't believe that my mom got such a terrible diagnosis (it was colon cancer, stage IV), they said that without treatment she got 6-8 weeks. Everyday I woke up feeling that it's just a dream, that it can't be true, but after some time when the treatment (chemo, radiotherapy and few surgeries) started the realisation came that from now on this is our life, life full of cancer (no matter how you try to forget and have a good time it's still there, lurking), full of dread and then hope and after that hopellessness again after new test came back that cancer is not gone and they don't have anything else to try and the only thing left after 2 years of battling is just see your beloved mom die. I guess the most important part is that no matter how much time you have left try to say to your mom everything you ever wanted to say or listen maybe your mom has something to say to you and your boys. I won't shove any positivity ******** at you, because it won't help, but wanted to say, that you can go through this (I repeat this to myself too) and the only thing that helps me for now is knowing that my mother would be devastated if she knew that her cancer ended her family's life too. Take care, honey (and your boys, they need their mom too).

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

22 Feb 2016 22:42 in response to Lisa_1990

Hi, my mom died of cancer when I was 14, it was horrible, I blamed myself! Wishing/thinking I could of been there more, done more but I'm ganna be honest the pain heals in time! I seen a difference hen I final expected what had happened, at first I was ****** off and whenever someone said ya mum joke it would get to me! But you got to remember that they don't know! and just did the one thing I knew she would want me to do, move on! I'm sorry if I'm being blunt! I'm only saying what I would of like to here when you mother died, keep your chin up and remember she'll be looking over you!  

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

17 Apr 2016 20:40 in response to Lisa_1990

hi, i know how you feel but in the situation with my Dad, hes in hospital atm and i only been told tonight that my dad is only going to last a few more nights or me might not live through tonight:/ hes seduted since he had his operation on moday, so hes not in any pain or anything. i just wish i could hear his voice one last time, but im not going to be able to, this cancer is too agressve. 

All i can say is, just dont panic.. make some amazing memorys with your mum!! i promoise your feelings and emotions will be their but in time you will be able to cope with them better once youve had more time and ajusted to situation. im only 18 as well:(

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

20 Apr 2016 12:39 in response to davek


Hi Dave, I just wanted to say how much your messaged gave me strength and encouragement.  It's good to hear the parents perspective - my dad got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in February 16, he is 67, I'm finding ring  iso hard to accept, I'm fine when im with him but at wreck when im not. But I took from your message about you not wanting your boys grieving for you why you are alive and kicking and that's what I need to do dad is still here.  You are

a brave man, my dad is finding it really hard going to bed at night and he is so frightened it's so hard to know what to say.

Take care of yourself xxxx

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

21 Apr 2016 21:28 in response to Buffbuff1

Thanks Buffbuff - I've been pretty lucky so far. I hope your Dad manages to get over his understandable fear. Best wishes Dave

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

22 Apr 2016 08:19 in response to jayne2

Hi there ,Jayne2. Do we have to go through our get Macmillan nurses. My dad passed away on the 21st Feb just gone.and 2days before his funeral mum was diagnosed with lung cancer and its in her lymph nodes she won't have treatment. And the Dr says she is too fragile for even a biopsy. Apparently from looking at the scan its stage 2but can't tell how aggressive.Mum had a couple of falls on Monday and now can't hold her own weight eats very little and since the falls just sleeps all day only getting up for a wee. Which can sometimes be every 5-10mins and about 6times in the night.yesterday I just sat in the garden crying like a baby. I have no idea of time span. Have ask the Dr to do a house call today.

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

31 Jul 2016 03:48 in response to Lisa_1990

My mum is my life an she's got week to live I can't cope cancer is evil I just don't know what to do x

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

4 Sep 2016 22:57 in response to Lisa_1990
Hi, I hope you're ok, and things are getting better. I can totally relate to you; my mum was diagnosed 3 and a half years ago and she died this may. She always seemed really positive, and she hid that she was really hurting. It was only when she was in hospital this April that I realised how serious things were and that she was really going to die. I'm sad that she'll miss so much of my life and I'm jealous of other people who just take having a mum for granted. It was really awkward having my first period without her but I still have my best friends for advice. I think I'm still in denial because I haven't cried a lot, but when I do get sad I'm lucky to have my little sister and my dad because I love them so much!!

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

31 Dec 2017 20:56 in response to Lisa_1990
I know exactly how you feel. I can't bear to be anywhere but cuddled up to her. All I do is tell her how much I love her, and I don't see a future for myself. Despite having amazing friends I still feel so alone.

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

15 Jan 2018 12:10 in response to samanthamarie

I cannot imagine this is chills me to the bone. U r all so brave be strong people they need u now more than ever. Reading thru these posts give me anger at the illness makes me want to iradicate it. My cousin Mathew is a scientist who works on cancer treatments. My nanny died of cancer but I feel lucky it hasn't touched anyone else and god forbid it ever does. I just wanted to say this cuz my mum is a bit sick at the moment nothing serious and I read some posts here and it made me realise how fortunate I am. I hope everything will be ok for u all and god bless.

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

15 Jan 2018 12:12 in response to isarod

Always a future TRUST

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

1 Feb 2018 10:54 in response to Lisa_1990

Hi Very sorry for your mum and you.  I am in the same boat my mum is dying from bowel cancer. 

I really inderstand its a very difficult time and I am just enjoying everyday with my mum and not thinking about when she' gone as it is heart breaking.   I keep positive in front of mum but breakdown sometimes at home.  The days are up and down emotionally dependng how mum is feeling.  

Take care xxxx

Re: My mum is dying and I'm scared!

17 Feb 2018 03:33 in response to Kaz4403

My mum has hours to live I know she is goin to heaven so that comforts me a lot and her mum and dad are waiting on her me and my mum have promised each other that when we cross over that we will let each other know we r happy and make a way to communicate to let us know not to worry and that when it's my time to leave this world thas she will come and gt me am lying here praying that when my mum crosses over she will be in my arms I love u so so much mum amen