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Re: My mum died and I can't cope with the loss

7 Feb 2018 14:53 in response to Snowflake72555
im so sorrry for your loss, cancer sucks...jk

Re: My mum died and I can't cope with the loss

11 Feb 2018 22:24 in response to Snowflake72555
I really know how u feel. My mum and best friend died 7 and half years ago now from ovarian cancer and although I put a brave face on all the time in front of family and workmates I still miss her so much. I know though that she would want me to be strong and carry on for my twin boys who were only 4 when she died. I hope she is looking out for us all and proud of all the things my brilliant son's have achieved......that makes me sad because she's missed out on so much. Please try to be strong for your children because your mum would want that I'm sure. My mum used to say when u died there would always be a part of u still here if u had children.....and I believe she lives on in me helping me to be as good a mother as she was. I promise you it does get easier and not so raw and you do get the strength to move on.xxxx

Re: My mum died and I can't cope with the loss

9 Mar 2018 00:22 in response to Atkinson72
Hi sam. I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I can relate you you, i lost my mum to cancer. I am here if you want to chat. Heather. Xx

Re: My mum died and I can't cope with the loss

9 Mar 2018 22:46 in response to Heatherm29

Hi I am new to the forum. I have just lost my mum on the 26th Feb. Her funeral will take place next week.

I am feeling exactly the same as most of your other replies, feeling all alone and like I am the only person ever in the world to loose her an earth as a female do you cope without your mum?

Mums teach us everything apart from how to manage without them! The hardest thing for me is the fact that I know that I am never going to see her again.

Tomorrow is mothers day but i dont have one now. I can no longer tell her how special she is or how much she is loved!

My mum was given the all clear at the beginning of the year after having radiotherapy only to find out 5 weeks later that she had 2 weeks left to live x