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My left breast has grown and also has a lump

11 Jun 2019 14:31

Hi, I have posted before but I’m not sure how to post in the same conversation again. 

I found a lump in my left upper breast and have been referred to the breast clinic.. my appointment is on Monday. But since I went to the doctors I have noticed that my left breast has also grown in size... is this a good or bad sign that my boob has got bigger? I’m not sure when it’s got bigger but it definitely has.

please anyone? Help xxx

My left breast has grown and also has a lump

11 Jun 2019 16:52 in response to AllyLouise

Hi ally

sorry to hear of your symtoms but as others have said no one on here can tell you what you have - only the breast clinic can do that. I know it’s difficult to wait - all us breast ladies have walked in your shoes and it’s no picnic, however you are really young and the odds are with you as breast cancer at your age is rare. It’s natural to panic, feel frightened etc but at this moment in time all you have is a symtom that needs looking into - it’s not cancer until they say it’s cancer. Lumps/swellings can be caused by a number of things and if you look at some of my replies to posts they will show that I have advised a number of ladies your age and their tests all came back benign. So try and distract yourself until Monday , keep busy, push negative thoughts aside and breathe. x

My left breast has grown and also has a lump

12 Jun 2019 03:14 in response to AllyLouise

I second what Magpiemaggie has said.  You are very young, breasts are dynamic structures and there are lots of reasons why they misbehave and confuse us.  The chances of something horrible going on in your breast are very small, the chances of it being something benign, hormonal are very high.  Try not to worry, easy to say I know. xx