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14 Aug 2019 19:44 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Glad you are on the mend and that sense of humour you have helping you through a difficult time.  No doubt you are still feeling somewhat tender but thankfully all dealt with very quickly.

Have had a good couple of days out with my daughter and grandsons and tomorrow will be a little more sedate with visit to the nearby park and duck pond weather permitting.  With it pouring of rain on and off all day today we went to an early showing of the Horrible Histories film this morning followed by lunch and a bit of clothes shopping(the boys having yet another growth spurt ha ha).  The highlight of the day seemed to be the return trip on the double decker bus!!

Take care and best wishes to you and Mrs B.  Hope your son is enjoying his holidays wherever they are.  Jules

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14 Aug 2019 20:00 in response to Gemini39

Thanks Gemini for the lovely words which are much appreciated.  

Mum's funeral is next Monday. It will be small with just very close family/friends.  At 93 she outlived many of her own friends and all but one of her siblings but suffered all her adult life with depression and at the moment I just feel she has found her peaceful place and feel a sense of relief for her. She certainly played her part in making me who I am today.

Hope all is well with you and the family.  Jules  

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16 Aug 2019 08:01 in response to jules54

Goodmorning Jules

Just waiting for the pain killers to start working. Had a night where ever I put my head it hurt so hope they kick in quickly.

My son is due back today; they have been to Shropshire for two weeks. I have been told by the DVLA I may not be able to drive for 3 to 12 months and will probably need a medical examination before I am let loose again. Poor Mrs B is having to do all the housewaok/washing up plus shopping. Luckily we have a new Lidle store opened up a few minutes walk away.  on top of looking after me. I just feel so usless at the moment but Mrs B is watching over me making sure I do as I'm told. (This has never happened before ha ha)  Me behaving I mean  My sugar level keeps going low so am having to adjust my diabetic meds. 

Hope all goes well on Monday. I will be thinking of you. Sending kind thoughts your way, Brian

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16 Aug 2019 18:48 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Hope the painkillers finally kicked in so that you could manage your day. No doubt you are looking forward to hearing all about your son and family's holiday. Before you know it the children will be back to school.  They must be worried about you and Mrs B.

When my daughter had her fainting episodes she was off the road for a year and then only allowed to have her licence back once she passed the medical.  Sensible of course but nonetheless frustrating when you rely on this for transport.  Good that you have a local supermarked a few minutes walk away.  As I have never driven I have a trusty trolley which means no heavy bag carrying..........would not be without it and have used one (to save my  back and arms) since first married!!

Fingers crossed  you will get your diabetic levels sorted out are both going through the mill at the moment but your sense of humour is a good back up plan!!

Thank you for your kind words regarding Mum's funeral; so much appreciated.  Jules

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17 Aug 2019 12:16 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, 

The pain killers did kick in and had the best nights sleep since the new chapter started and feel much better for it Have just completed my first Tesco on-line shop and easier than expected  Have also had to send my driving licence back and hope its only for a short period but some questions were hard to answeron the forms they had sent.

Am just finishing another story so will be that much closer to a million words on my stories. 

Head is less painfull today so far so hope its on the mend  and so far sugar levels are more stable so gradually getting back to normal (not that I was ever normal in the first place ha ha)

My son has a good holiday and only had bad weather for just one day when they wernt doing anything much anyway.  

Take care and best wishes for Monday, Brian

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20 Aug 2019 11:47 in response to woodworm

Hi Jules, 

I have just returned from the doctors having had my staples removed, Mrs B only saw seven but the nurse said there was a further eight plus a stitch, So my head looked like a zipper ha ha. Apperently I have healed very well.  Fell better now they are removed but will have to wait for two days before I can wash my hair  I have been told I will have a follow up appointment in about six to eight weeks time My diabetes keep going low at the moment so having to check regular and also having to re-adjust meds

Mrs B coping pretty well better than I expected but looking forward to getting her op done. Hope all went well yesterday and I bet you feel a sense of relief now its over. 

One of my woodclub friends took me to the doctors this morning and everyone has been so kind and caring.

Take care, sendingkind thoughts your way, Brian.

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20 Aug 2019 15:24 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

My sister in law has now gone home so the laptop is back out and I am playing catch up.

Good to hear that the staples/stitch are now out and that healing and recovery is going well.  Hopefully your diabetic levels will soon be more stable too as must be a bit of a nuisance to keep having to test.  Still better safe than sorry and you can sort the meds out to keep you on an even keel.   I have somewhat lost track of what is happening when.  Is it this Thursday that Mrs B has her surgery?  If so wish her a good result and speedy recovery. You both have an amazing attitude to your sudden health changes so deserve the friendship around you to help you through it all.

Glad your son had a good holiday and I must admit to be already thinking about my holiday choice next year to give me something to look forward to.

Mum's funeral went just as she planned; small and dignified and the afternoon tea I did afterwards was well received.  We even managed to fit things in between the showers and the sun was shining when we came home so the children were able to play outside to let the adults chat. The end of an era but have to be grateful that she is no longer sufffering.

Am back to work tomorrow so some semblance of normality perhaps.  Jules

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22 Aug 2019 13:36 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, 

Hope it was not too hard going back to work. It always seemed differnt for a few days after I had had a holiday or time off. But tommorrow is your day off so not long to go till then. So glad the funeral went off okay and the weather was kind to you as well. 

Mrs B is still waiting for the date for her op but it should be in the next two weeks hopefully. She is still dealing with it really well but I think my problems have taken her mind off it to some degree

I went with Mrs B round to our new Lidles store which is about a 1/4 of a mile away and was perhaps a bit too ambitiuse on my first walk. I can tell you I was glad to get home. I had to have a sit down when I got to the store and had to stop a few times on the way back. But I did it and hope the next time will be that bit easier. Got myself a bag of nuts while I was there so nothing much has changed in that respect I hear yousay ha ha. I hope they will stock chestnuts in a short while

Have finished another western story and have started two more stories. One is about a bookworm who finds this old journal in his second hand book shop and this set him off on an adveture like he has only ever read about. The other is about a detective whi is pensioned off early and end up working for a small but exclusive insurance company thay provide insurance for the mega rich as they have had a lot of hi-tech burgaleries and it has baffeled police forces up and down the country. So brain must still be functioning ha ha.

I have the next newsletter to do shortly so have plentyof things to keep me going. 

Sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian


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23 Aug 2019 07:12 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Going back to work (when I think I should already have been allowed to retire!) has it's challenges ha ha.  Still at the moment it is a spark of normality whilst I wait for my State Pension to reward me for my work years. Sadly I was caught up in the 50's babies being penalised so cannot draw it yet. Hey Ho.

On the plus side at the end of my shift I was presented with a gift and cards from my work pals to congratulate me on reaching 65.  I was completely surprised and delighted and now have a good reason to visit the garden centre sometime soon.

Whilst I know you will be frustrated at not being able to 'leap back into normal activiities' following your op I am sure slowly increasing your walks will have you feeling better as the recovery continues and it sounds as though you still have plenty of stories in your head to be keeping you busy in the meantime.

Lovely start early this morning and at just gone 7 a.m. I have already done some dead heading in the back garden and topped up the bird's watering holes.  Soon I will be off out and it looks as though we are due a pleasant  bank holiday which will be lovely for the wedding I am going to on Sunday. This will be a nice way to end a sombre week.

Wishing you and Mrs B a peaceful and healing weekend.  Jules

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24 Aug 2019 09:41 in response to jules54

Good morning Jules

Bet you are enjoying this spell of good weather.  

Yesterday was the time when I was told I could have my hair washed. Mrs B had to do it for me. I cant tell you how god it felt to get rid of the dried blood that was still in my hair. It sfunny but I have not had hardly any pain since then more of a ache than anything so have stopped taking the paracetamol. My diabetes is returning to near normal so everything is looking good. I am feeling the best since this all started. I am able to go up and down stairs like a five year old now ha ha. Funily better than before this all kicked off. 

The advice the hospital gave me about not doing anything much seems at odds with the paperwork they gave me which advises to get as active as soon as possible to avoid blood clots. So I am using common sense and if I feel I am overdoing it I will pause whatever I am doing. Manged to help Mrs B with the housework yesterday (I did the hoovering up and downstairs and washed the kitchen floor with the sponge mop we have)  Despite her own problems, Mrs B has looked after me briliantly I have to say even though it has taken it out of her. In a funny kind of way, I think it has taken her mind of her forthcoming op At least she has not had much time to dwell on it. The time has flown by and cant believe I have been home from hospital for two weeks tommorow.

My woodclub mates keep phoning to see how I am Someone else has taken over organising the August show I had been working on as I shall not be able to take part myself.

Have you managed to re-start your reading yet? I know you used to like sitting in your garden reading.  Mrs B brought me in a book to read when I was in hospital but I didnt find it that good even though its by James Patterson plus another writer. It s certainly definately not one of those you cant put down once youve started.   I will finish it but not just at the moment. 

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend and the wedding goes well

Sending kind thoughts your way, Brian





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25 Aug 2019 08:07 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Loving the sunny weather again. Even managed a couple of hours reading in the garden yesterday. Have just finished a Chris Carter thriller which was a 'page turner' for sure.  Patterson seems to help a lot of writers by 'joining forces' but I have to say I do prefer his solo efforts on the whole.  Very nice guy to chat with.

Bet it was a lovely feeling to be able to have your hair washed and it appears that you are a quick healer too.  Sounds as though recovery is steady and just need to take it easy.  Good news that the diabetic levels are settling down too.  I am sure that Mrs B has her head and hands full with so much going on with the two of you but like always you are doing it together and this is the pro-active approach.  Keeping you both in my thoughts and have a peaceful Sunday.

I am trying to keep busy this morning (gym and the garden) and am feeling a little daunted at attending the wedding of my friend's daughter (over 90 guests and I only know a few of them!!).  Taxi is booked to get to the venue and the nerves are kicking in for me so goodness know how the couple feel (and the bride's parents!!).  Have known the bride since she was about 9 and hope it is a wonderful day for them (they certainly have the weather element sorted!!).

Take care virtual buddy. Jules

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25 Aug 2019 09:37 in response to jules54

Hi Jules

I can understand how you feel about the wedding, not knowing anyone much. I would probably feel much the same and know Mrs B would too. Please to read you have resumed you GARDEN READING and bet you enjoyed it

My recovery continues apace. Yesterday I did the September newsletter for the club and also peeled the potatoes for Mrs B as well as the washing up. I am taking it steady but intend to do a little more each day if I can. The pain is getting less each day and I hardly took any pain killers yesterday ans so far none at all today. I am not someone who like taking them anyway. I have told Mrs B normal service will be resumed shortly ha ha. My diabetes (Blood sugar level) was spot on this morning  so things are looking up and up. Hope I wont have to test so much shortly as my finger tips feel like pin cushions ha ha. 

There was one stitch left in my head that the nurse didnt want to remove as she didnt know if it was the disovable type. Well it looks like she was right because niether Mrs B or my son could see it yesterday.

Bet you are going to miss your Sunday walk today. The weather also looks good for the wedding.

Sending thanks to you for your kind support and words Take care, Brian.

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26 Aug 2019 20:45 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Certainly lovely weather the past few days.  I managed a visit to the gym and short walk before getting ready for the wedding in the afternoon.  The bride was beautiful, the setting very nice and the food extremely good. The couple are definitely fun loving and once the official part of the day was completed it felt at times more like a kiddies party than a wedding  ha ha.  Plenty of laughter within the speeches followed by entertainment provided by various friends and family.  So much so that the cutting of the cake and then the dance music did not take place till gone 9.30pm.  Once the first dance was watched I called the cab company and was home by 11 p.m.  I am sure the newlyweds will have many fond memories to look back on (plus hundreds of photos to work their way through from the official photographers (3) plus numerous guest cameras clicking away).  

Good to read that your recovery is going well and am sure that will continue as the days move forward.  Hopefully you managed some time with your feet up in the garden with Mrs B.  A bit too hot to be outside here (garden in full sun most of the day) until the sun started to go down but have now tidied the beds and filled the watering holes as well as putting down food for the early risers!

Tomorrow I have to collect Mum's ashes and am also meeting a friend for coffee and catch up. Still feeling a little strange to have Tuesdays to myself but trying to have things in place week to week going forward.

My daughter and family have finalised adoption of a rescue dog and will pick him up next Sunday so much excitement in their household though I do not envy them the 'house training' part!.

Take care and hope Mrs B does not have to wait too much longer to get her op out of the way.

Best regards. Jules

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27 Aug 2019 09:25 in response to jules54

Good morning Jules

Just a quick update. Getting back to near normal. Yesterday I told Mrs B I would try to mow the back lawn as it hasnt been cut for over three weeks now. She was going to try but I told her let me try first and then yu can take over if I feel its too much. But I did it okay and even did the front one as well. Also My son came and took me shopping up townin the afternoon. All I bought was some big bramley apples for Mrs B and some chocalate peanuts for my self. Today I have walked with her to our local Lidle store and this time made it without having to stop. Mrs B was concerned I was overdoing it but I felt perfectly okay.

Bet you were out in your garden early for it gets too hot. I can imaging it must feel strange not having to go to the home each Tuesday. But I have no doubt you will find plenty to do and will soon adopt to a differnt routine.

I have started yet another story. That thre new ones started in the past few days

Take care Jules, Brest wishes, Brian.



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29 Aug 2019 10:54 in response to woodworm

Hi Jules,

My head is feeling better each day and have stoped the painkillers a couple of days ago. Have cleaned the downstairs windows today as they were needing it. I even planted some radishes yesterday Mrs B is still waiting to hear from the hospital but is coping very well. She has been amazing coping with her own problems as well as me. 

Also started the car yesterday and it started first go.which surprised me. 

This weather is more to my liking as at the weekend it was too hot for me.

Bet you are looking forward to your long weekend. Sending kind thoughts your way, Brian