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Re: My Journey Continues

5 Dec 2017 15:42 in response to woodworm

So sorry to read about your woodclub friend, Brian. 

Hazel xx

Re: My Journey Continues

5 Dec 2017 18:54 in response to woodworm

HI all you nice people getting on better with my new PC but took some to get here had a good day small shopping outing then a walk with RIA  up the drive she is in good nick at her age 13 years old .

I had a good weekend poorly but just did what I do, tablets are new was in our local A&E for about 6 hours bleeding in the gut last week and put on some new tablets  so will just have to wait and see .My Mate said at my age  I do well on the PC but at times dont know .anyway that is me for now speak soon regards all .george 



Re: My Journey Continues

5 Dec 2017 23:05 in response to jules54
Hi Jules just joined and saw your post above I would love to read yours from the beginning I started a journal when I was diagnosed beginning September mine is called “ my unexpected journey” it would be good to know how others felt similar emotions feelings and shock that I felt and went through had my 2nd chemo today so I know there will be nights that I will lay awake so this site hopefully will be a great comfort I do hope your journey is going as well as it can with not too many bumpy roads xx

Re: My Journey Continues

6 Dec 2017 15:24 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Well, I am still walking but with a bit of a limp ha ha. Some good days and then some relief and not so much need for painkillers  other than on work days.  Wear and tear me thinks!!  I love the youngsters perception of 'getting old' and the cheekiness that goes with it but am very good at playing along and using it to my advantage at times!!

Shame to read about your woodclub friend and always a difficult time when you lose them.  I am sure you will be sharing many good memories  with other club members when you are next together.

Hope your radish seeds work well for you and will still taste the same.  This is one food I am not a fan of myself.

I am very lucky as most Christmas's have always been spent with family (we normally do it on a rota basis).  This year my daughter and son in law wanted the celebrations in their new home so am delighted to be spending 4/5 days with them.  Always fun watching the grandchildren's excitement though my eldest grandson has been very easy to please this year as requested socks and a whoopee cushion!  They are growing up quickly and my youngest grand-daughter will be 18mths at Christmas so may be a bit more aware of what is going on.  As for the dog she will be delighted with all the wrapping paper (spending Christmas Day/Boxing Day at the inlaws so as not to upset my daughter's cat!!)

Work days are keeping me busy and have now had our Christmas meal out which was very enjoyable. It's Christmas jumper day at the gym on Friday week and then I am away for the weekend to friends so certainly have plenty to keep me occupied.

Visited Mum and updated her with family news as usual yesterday.  It continues to be very sad seeing how frail she is and that she does not wish to communicate but there is at least one member of the care staff that she has a few words with so can be thankful for that.  After my visit I went to the gym to de-stress and then decided to go to the cinema for a change of scene.  Saw Victoria and Abdul and it was a good story. Our town centre Cinema does 'silver screenings' for the over 55's twice weekly and it only cost £3 which includes tea or coffee and a biscuit so am aiming to make use of it when I see a film showing that I fancy.

No snow in my neck of the woods yet or rain for that matter recently though the forecast says there may be some precipitation tomorrow/Friday.  Very mild yesterday and today again so am constantly changing jackets/coats and turning the fire on and off.  No need for heating today which will certainly help with the winter bill!!

Take care of yourself and regards to MrsB and the family.   Jules



Re: My Journey Continues

6 Dec 2017 15:29 in response to urostar

Hi George

Am very impressed that you are getting used to the new PC proving that you are never too old to learn new tricks!! 

Ria is doing so well for her age and think she takes after her owner.  So nice that you can still enjoy each other's company on those little strolls up the drive.

Hope your new prescription will help your symptoms and sorry to read of the problems you have been having which I am sure were very unpleasant.  You show such a strength of character so carrry on enjoying your life and just being do it very well my virtual friend. Take care.  Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

6 Dec 2017 15:37 in response to urostar

Hello George, so sorry to hear that you have been so poorly, must have been unpleasant to say the least.  Hope the new meds do the trick, but nice to know that you and Ria are still able to take your daily constitutionals, regardless of health issues.  What a pair of stalwarts you are!

Take care, keep warm. 

Hazel xx

Re: My Journey Continues

6 Dec 2017 15:37 in response to newbee

Hi and welcome to the forum which I hope you will find supportive.  My story is more that of my late husband as I joined when he was diagnosed and the support of the forum for nearly three years during his illness helped me considerably.  Since he passed away in January 2015  the virtual friends I made here continue to chat and show me kindness just by listening to me rabbit on!!

You are more than welcome to post on my thread but it may also be worth starting a thread of your own and perhaps mentioning the kind of cancer you have in the title.  This way others who may relate to your own personal journey can respond and I am sure there are many who will definitely understand the sleepless nights along with all the emotions you go through as you undergo treatment and wish you all the best with your treatment plan and hope you have family and friends who can also be there for a support network. Jules


Re: My Journey Continues

10 Dec 2017 11:47 in response to jules54

Morning Jules, 

Hope if you venture out for your usual Sunday constitutional you take care what with the problem with your leg. Thanks for the snow photos on the other thread. Have been kept busy. Yesterday we went and got two wreaths (Plus my chestnuts) and then took the wreaths over to our respective mums graves. I am writing two stories at present and and is a sci fi one. Do enjoy writing. I get the ideas mostly when I cant sleep at night and make up a skeleton story then when I start wring it its like doing a jigsaw trying to link all the pieces together. At my show last weekend, I found about a third of my sale were wooden Key rings with LED lights. I knew they had sold well but didnt appreciat how many had sold. 

We have our last wood club meeting on Wednesday and then we break up until March allthough I shall still keep the newsletters going. Have ordered 4 clip on electric lights so in future my stand will be illuminated. I am using led lamps as they dont get as hot as normal lamps. Will also re-make the middle section of my display stand to house the four lights for transport and safe keping It will also be desingned to house the extesion cable. 

Take care and will chat again soon, sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian


Re: My Journey Continues

11 Dec 2017 12:21 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Well, as the gym was closed for maintenance yesterday and I was  being entertained by the birds in the garden, I decided to stay put.  I only had a couple of inches of snow here (now virtually gone) but it meant that my daughter and family (they had a lot more) could not make the visit as planned  so will now look forward to our Christmas together and have posted their Christmas cards.  Saw pictures/videos of the boys enjoying snow in their own garden as son in law had made a mini snow slide.  They boys' schools are both closed today but my son in law drove the 50+ miles to work and my son and daughter in law also got in saying roads ok as long as people sensible.  Unfortunately it seems from the news there were still many problems.

I have been out today as apparently it could be very icy tomorrow but will hopefully still visit Mum though may wait till the afternoon to let it thaw a bit.

Love the fact that you are back writing and good to have an indoor activity for the winter months and also when sleep is a problem you can have fun thinking up new ideas  though would be better if you could sleep of course. The new ideas for lighting your stall sound good and I am sure the members will enjoy your newsletters whilst the actual meetings are suspended during the winter months.

Stay warm and safe and sending regards back to you all.  Jules