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Re: My Journey Continues

5 Jul 2017 16:45 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Very sensible to get the jobs done early and I know your perseverence will pay off as regards your new ideas - good fighting spirit to make it work. I love haring about the wood facts and you never know when something you have mentioned may pop up in a quiz or corssword.  They say you learn something new every day so you have just ticked that box for me!

Busy morning at work  and was glad to escape home to the cool of my lounge (and a choc ice from the freezer!).

Mum continues to eat well and they have managed to coax her into a chair a few times this past week. Sadly I doubt there will be any overall improvement and both her physical and mental illness has taken its toll but at 91 she has done well bless her and I think she listens to my chatter even when she keeps her eyes shut (mind you when she snores I take the hint!!).

Have my son coming over on Saturday as we are hiring a van to get rid of unwanted rubbish and some broken items so I will be able to re-jig my bedrooms and free up some space.  With my daughter and family now a bit further away  I am hoping to be able to sleep them all  if they come and stay but needed to make space to fit a double bed. Fingers crossed no trouble with offloading at our local Refuse Dump (they can be a bit picky at times and you have to prove you are not 'trade' when going in with a van plus several pieces of ID to prove you are a resident.

My poor son in law had his clutch go on the way to work this morning so is waiting to hear if it is ready for collection.  If not he will go home by train as they are away for Family weekend with the Cubs on Friday and there is much packing up of all the gear to be done.  Thankfully they can go in my daughter's car if needs be.

Take care of yourself and Mrs B during this hot spell and best wishes to you both and the family. Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

9 Jul 2017 11:17 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

It's too hot to work for long in my garage again so have just put another coat of button polish on my two tables. I had a big pot of button polish some one gave me years ago and its something I hardly ever use so rather than buy a tin of laquer for the tables decided to use this and I have just about enough.

I had to phone three of our woodclub members to let them know I have now got their parking passes as I have organised our clubs attendance at an afternoon craft show this month at a local village fair. They only had room for three of us in the W. I. marquee so I decided not to take part on this one as I have two others coming up. Have also sent out the reminder e-mail to our club members that its the next meeting next Wednesday when we will have a chap talking about woodturning so should be intersting.

Took Mrs B shopping yesterday as she wanted some cards and I wanted some frozen chestnuts. Well, she got her cards but I didnt get my nuts as they were out of stock. So I went to the NUT SHOP and bought some peanuts instead. ha ha  Brianitus is still alive and well ha ha. She also bought a small roller blind for the bathroom which I have put up for her this morning. Then in the afternoonI managed to persued her to go for a drive all down country lanes. It was nice hearing the birds singing and saw some lovely views.

Have managed to lose another couple of pounds and now weigh less than I have done since having had the prostate cancer. I feel so much better for it and want to loose a few more pounds yet. The trick is going to be working out how not to put it all back on again as Mrs B has reminded me.

Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday and your walk this morning. Hope your son in law got his car done in time and it didnt cost too much. Have an enjoyable day today, Brian.

Re: My Journey Continues

10 Jul 2017 08:51 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Still managing to keep busy despite the heat in your garage I see. You must wonder where the hours in the day go (feel that way myself some days I must admit). Good to hear that Brianitus is still going strong and despite not being able to find your frozen chestnuts you had a replacement!  Well done  with your weight loss efforts and no doubt with your limited diet this is not easy for you to achieve.  Feeling better for it is great motivation.  I had a more controlled eating plan over the weekend so just need to keep on track and should be able to reach my goal (by my birthday) and at least get me back on the downward trend. Think perhaps the warm weather is helping.

Have just heard the forecast that we could at last see some rain in my neck of the woods  so once back from exercise and shopping I think I had best mow the lawn.  Will be sorry to see my clover carpet gone but probably only temporary (bees will have to move to the new plants put in for my summer outlook (directly outside patio doors and in view from where I sit).

Have a peaceful and pleasant Monday with Mrs B.  By the way how did your son's foot consultation go?

Take care. Jules 

Had a lovely busy weekend with family, walks and garden centre visits.  On Saturday whilst at my son's local garden centre I spotted a cute water holder and last night I had my reward with the return of my prickly friend.

Re: My Journey Continues

10 Jul 2017 12:34 in response to jules54

Yay, super photo Jules, bet you were pleased he/she came to 'christen' your new water bowl!  (Very pretty, by the way). 

Hazel xx

Re: My Journey Continues

10 Jul 2017 13:40 in response to haze44

Hi Hazel

Absolutely delighted to see my prickly friend back.  Of course it may have been in and out of the garden and I just had not been aware!!  If I know it's about I put some food down for it and he/she made short work of the small handful I gave it (not too much or it wont eat my slugs ha ha).

I had a small old dish down before (bird water feeder is up high on a hook) before as like to think ground drinkers have some access especially in this hot weather.  Had a voucher for the garden centre and saw this prety one and it just popped into the basket.

Have finally cut the lawn and the bees were not too happy at being disturbed from their clover carpet.  Still it will no doubt soon be back looking pretty again. Have afriend popping here in about an hour and as Wimbledon is full flow have made up dishes of strawberries (she does not eat cake!! though bakes beautifully).  Thought of you the other day when one of the cakes in the local bakery was a rainbow (inside and outside colours) - very pretty it looked too.

Hope you are keeping okay. Take care, Jules xx

Re: My Journey Continues

10 Jul 2017 16:03 in response to jules54

Haha, so it just popped itself into your basket, eh?  

Did my back garden early this morning - cut what's left of the poor grass after all this hot weather, and chopped back a few shrubs (got covered in spiders' webs and despite a good wash have felt itchy ever since)

I have a hardy fuchsia that's looking a bit sick for the third year running, so if we get any rain to soften the soil I want to get it out and see if I can salvage it in a big pot - would like to keep it really as it was put in by my mum.  (Gosh, now I think about it, no wonder it's a bit sad looking, that must have been over 50 years ago!).  Then when that's out, I intend to grass over the bare spot later in the year.  That's the plan, anyway!  Happy

I like the sound of that rainbow cake, a feast for the eyes as well as the belly.

Take care and enjoy your strawberries.

Hazel xx





Re: My Journey Continues

14 Jul 2017 08:49 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

I really thought I had replied to this post but cannot see it so big apologies.............. Imust have had a senior moment again!!

I am sure you have found the temperatures a little more bearable recently and from the other threads know you have been cracking on with your wood work and I do enjoy seeing the results.  I am sure your other club members are very grateful for the work you do to get things organised.  Hope you enjoyed the Club's woodturning talk and am sure there was a chance for 'question time' too.

How lovely that your were able to take Mrs B for a country drive.  It is nice to get away from the town hub bub from time to time and see the lovely views nearby.  Delighted too that Brianitus is alive and well (getting de-je-vu as sure I made a comment on this.........perhaps I put it on one of the other threads instead of replying here so apologies again if I am actually repeating myself!!).  Must be annoying when you cannot get your frozen chestnuts so hope they back in stock soon for you to enjoy.  Personally I am in danger of over-indulging in the strawberries (no cream though) and have just enjoyed a bowl for my breakfast.

No plans for the coming weekend so will see what the weather does and make a decision day to day. Have a few chores  I should do to get the spare rooms shipshape (daughter and family staying overnight in a week's time as we are visiting our local RAF airport for their open day and then they are visiting the in-laws the following day so no point in travelling back home, only to come back again. I have ordered a new quilt  cover set for my youngest grandson (he is a Batman fan) so that will be a surprise. He finally out-grew the travel cot so have made one room into twin bedded for the boys and am awaiting a double bed for the other bedroom though they have posh camp beds if this does not come in time!! Apparently they are so comfortable it is a battle between parents and children who sleeps in them!!  I think my son in law is hoping to have his car back by this weekend too (new gearbox/clutch required so not cheap!!) which will mean my daughter gets her wheels backs as  he has had to use her car for getting to work.

Hope you and Mrs B have a pleasant day and a relaxing weekend.  Jules


P.S.  Definitely losing my marbles as have just realised my reply to your post was attached to my hedgehog photo so now an apology for repeating myself.  I have only been up for three hours but am obviously not fully awake yet ha ha.



Re: My Journey Continues

14 Jul 2017 09:02 in response to haze44

Hi Hazel

How did your gardening plans go? Well I hope?  I really should get into mine now that it has had a good soaking as it will be easier to weed and move things about.  Also lots of dead heading to do following the downpours.  Bird feeders need re filling (have several baby goldfinches being shown the ropes by mum and dad on the feeder hanging from my new shepherds crook close to the house).  Would love to get a photo but they scare easily so need to get my windows cleaned (rain splattered at present) so I can take them from indoors.  Note to self ...........add cleaning windows to the 'to do' list.

It is a bit cloudy here but a nice breeze so just waiting for the washing to be finished and then will get it outside before I set off.

Have had a couple of busy days at work and a couple of extra hours worked. Already finding parents shopping for 'back to school' even though they have not broken up yet!!  No doubt going to be a busy few weeks ahead which will be challenging to say the least with  reduced staffing levels. Still waiting for the lottery win so I can retire..................well have to have a dream now and then.

Take care my forum friend and have a pleasant weekend.  Jules xx

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jul 2017 16:48 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Have been busy this week in my workshop. Now have timber glued up for my lighthouses and some timber part turned ready for cats with movable heads. Nearly got my stock levels finnished so will soon be able to try my new lines.

Have lost some time waithing for a plumber to come and mend a leak. The first one said they had sent the wrong company. The next chap said he would have to get another chap to come and repair it despite being told all the info. I was getting rather annoyed with the time wasted. Finally got it done yesterday afternoon.

My weight has dropped a bit further still and and getting down to the weight I want. Mrs B is supervising me ha ha.

Apologies I have not been on here much lately but have been getting out in my workshop ealy before it get to warm.

I hope your family are all okay, and bet you are glad you now have the weekend to enjoy. Sending kind thoughts your way, Brian.

Re: My Journey Continues

20 Jul 2017 17:02 in response to woodworm

Wow Brian, you have been doing very well, not only with your woodworking but on sticking to the diet.  I am sure with Mrs B's encouragement and your own willpower you will reach your desired goal.  I just need some of the willpower now so that I can stay on track (not much to lose but getting harder to do it ha ha). Have a 'goal' to reach by mid August but am prone to 'cheating' and no one to slap my wrist ha ha. Need to give myself a good talking to..............again!!

Will be lovely when you can crack on with your new lines as I know you always enjoy producing something different.  With it  being a bit cooler must make working conditions more bearable so hope you have a productive weekend but also take time out to relax.

I am expecting daughter and family down for the weekend as we are attending local community day at our RAF airport (about 15mins walk for me).  Will be lovely to catch up with all their news. 

Am also awaiting my plumber but this is to  begin work on replacing bathroom suite so just hoping to get a start date for definite but it may be next week.  Will try and make myself scarce once work under way and have a weekend with friends soon which could tie in nicely.

Had a good couple of days at work and now looking forward to my days off.  Weather is looking a bit mixed but probably just typical for the start of the school holidays.

Take care and have a pleasant weekend with Mrs B.  I hope her leg is feeling better now.  Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

28 Jul 2017 10:37 in response to jules54

Good morning Jules.

I have packed the car ready for the next two days and with my new tables, It all went into the car so much easier and I have a lot more space now and can see out of the back windows now. This fair only runs every two years. I did well there last time but have got so many new lines since then so I am really looking forward to see what they think of my new items. Just hope the weather improves as we are in a gazebo with 3 closed sides. Luckily it will be in the school playground and on hard standing. I will take my camera with me as they have beautiful flower dislays in the local church as part of the festivities. Hope to post some on here if they turn out okay.  Have had to order some more of the metal key rings as I have used the last of them up.  I have ordered 200 as the price was so much cheaper per item this way. Some site were charing the same price for ten as I have for the 200 so you do have to look around.

Mrs B is still not walking very well. She fell over a couple of weeks ago and hurt her leg. I am doing what I can to help her. I had to do the shopping on my own yesterday and luckily got everything right so no balck eye for me ha ha. My son is now a member of the local gym as he is hoping it may help strengthen his ankle and also he hopes to lose some weight as well.

I will have to make another trip to the tip to get rid of my sawdust and shavings. Being hardwood they cant really be used for pet bedding. Surprising how quickly they accumilate.

Hope your mother is still eating okay even if she doesnt talk much. Hope your daughter has settled in okay and your grandson likes his new school. Bet you will be seeing a lot of your grandchildren  over the school holidays. They grow up so quick these days dont they.

Thanks for sharing all your photos over the past few weeks. Take care and am sending kind thoughts to you and your family and also wishing you a great weekend, Brian.

Re: My Journey Continues

30 Jul 2017 17:39 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Sincerely hope that you have had a good couple of days and that the lovely new tables held fast with all your goodies.  Weather my way has been a mix of sunshine and showers  but still pleasantly warm so hope the show you were at did well for all those taking part/visiting.  No doubt a bit tiring but hope it was worth it.  Look forward to seeing your photos as it sounds a great event.

I have been away at friends this weekend and will be going back to them next Saturday as we have all been invited to a mutual friend's 70th and they have offered to put me up bless them.  The lady who is celebrating has requested no gifts but has said anyone who wishes to do so may make a donation int he box provided and then she will  give this to her favoured charity; what a lovely idea.

So sorry to read that Mrs B's leg is still causing her problems and hope with some more rest it and she will be feeling much better .  I am sure she is finding it very frustrating.  Hope your son enjoys his gym membership and that they can help strengthen his foot which will make his life easier also.

The family are all okay as far as I know.  My son and family are on a short break and have taken a cottage in Abegavenny so were able to take the dog along too.  Unfortunately he forgot his camera so will have to rely on his phone to take pictures - he is pretty cross about that!! 

I am having my daughter and the boys stay for a five day break in mid August (their holiday this year) and this will enable them to catch up with all their friends here.  I have taken holiday from work so we should be out and about together too so will look forward to that.  I have several busy weekends ahead which will keep me amused and out of mischief this month.  Unfortunately cannot do much in the garden as everything is pretty wet at the  moment.........I have mushrooms growing in the lawn ha ha and the flowers in the borders/pots have taken a bit of a bashing but no doubt they will recover when the rain stops.

Mum is still enjoying her food but refusing to enter into any conversation but her carers doing a great job at keeping an eye on her and have been making her fresh fruit smoothies which she seems to enjoy.  I will be popping down again this week as usual though it is more a case of watching her sleep.  Still I know I have  been and if she does not wake up during my visit I know the girls tell her I popped in.  Not much more  to be done.

Have a parce to collect tomorrow as they tried to deliver whilst I was out.  New net curtaining to hang once I get it home and that will be nice to see in place.

Look forward to hearing all about the show  when you have recovered enough.  Take care and best wishes to you, Mrs B and the family.  Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

31 Jul 2017 18:17 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Yes, I had a couple of reasonable days. Saturday morning was okay but it rained nearly all afternoon. Sundat was good weather wise but they put us next to a school building which housed the art exhibition and they hadnt signposted it very well so we didnt have as many visiters as we did last time. But what people did find us were very enthusiastic so it wasnt all bad news. We had several people very intersted in joining our wood club so that was a bonus. Had a lot of laughs. One young boy started rumaging under my table and found two wooden key rings which had fallen off my rack. So I gave them to him and his sister and they were apparently so pleased with them. One of our outher members whos wanted to exhibit unforunately wasnt well enough to attend. My table worked really well and it was so much easier loading everything in mu little car. I have some pictures of our gazebo and some of the flowers in the church which were amazing. The next show there which will be in two years time we be in a much better location.

Mrs B  was pleased now I am back home. Now I am a bit lighter, carrying my boxes up and down stairs didnt leave me out of breath like it used ti do so it proves I feel better at my new lowere weight.. I have spent the morning sorting out all my stock into the correct boxes as Iput them anywhere when packing up last night.

Looks like you have a very busy period ahead of you over the next few weeks.. It must take some strain off you knowingthe staff at the home look after your mother so well.

Take care and am sending kind thoughts your way, Brian.

Re: My Journey Continues

1 Aug 2017 18:08 in response to woodworm

Gosh Brian, I reckon you need to make yourself another table, so many goodies!  Shame the weather and the positioning of your stands weren't too good.  (Also meant to say on the other thread, sorry about your poor car, especially as the repair will make a hole in your weekend earnings - what a nuisance)

Love the church photos, beautiful.  

Thanks for sharing.  

Hazel xx

Oh, and PS - will you stop gloating about your blooming weight loss, I am SO jealous!  (Well done though)

Re: My Journey Continues

3 Aug 2017 16:40 in response to haze44

Hi folks,

Got my car repaired yesterday and it came out cheaper than they quoted which is why I use then as I find them very hnest. Mind you I got very wet when going to pick it up.. Had my waterproof jacket on but this car doing much more than the spped limit ploughed right through this puddle and alsmost drowned me. I wont/ cant state what I called him. The water was quite cold while my lanquege wasnt.

One of my next projects is going to be a windmill and have allready worked out how to do the sails. I am looking forward to making this and may well produce two at the same time.

Take care everyone, Brian.