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9 Jun 2017 16:36

I haven done any post 4 while but 2 day I feel I need 2 . As most of u know my mother terminally Ill with bowel cancer she ok still fighting and still with us . This post not about her as such . It's about my mothers mother my gran she 97 she haven got cancer I just need get my head around what happening. My gran was taken into hospital last Wednesday by her doctor about her breathing the hospital said she had chest infection she was given antibiotics and oxygen she seemed 2 be doing ok so we thought. Every time any of us went down the hospital we always asked how she doing and they say fine . My gran started being sick and can't eat or drink so they put her on drip my hubby went 2 see her last nite and he asked how she was they told him u need 1 of the family 2 have chat with doctor. My father went went and had word with doctor he was told my gran got heart failure and kidneys not working they stopped all treatment and it's matter of time b4 she dies. They have said if she still her Monday they will move her I'm hoping they move her 2 hospice where she is she in ward and it's not nice 4 her. She so thin she only 4 stone and she so weak she was holding my sister hand and saying she had enough. Now I'm struggling so bad with everything going on what we going through with my gran we be going through it with my mother and it's killing me I haven slept and I can't stop crying I feel like I'm in nite mere it's 1 thing after another . I feel so sorry 4 my mother it's killing me my heart broken I feel so scared I don't know what do . My head like world wind why I'm posting this I don't know because it's nothing 2 do with cancer . I think I need someone 2 talk 2 Sad 

:(My Gran Dying): More Bad News ):

9 Jun 2017 20:36 in response to Gemini39

I'm so sorry to hear that - what a tough, tough time for you and your family. I'm very new to this forum - diagnosed with breast cancer last week - but everyone on here has been so supportive. Please know that lots of people will be thinking of you and wishing you and your loved ones well. Sending hugs.


kirsty x

:(My Gran Dying): More Bad News ):

9 Jun 2017 23:24 in response to kbabs

Hi Kirsty thanks 4 u kind words I'm so sorry 2 read u have been diagnosed with breast cancer I'm so glad that u have had support on here. Thanks again and take care x 

:(My Gran Dying): More Bad News ):

13 Jun 2017 14:16 in response to Gemini39

Up date on my gran Saturday I thought I was going 2 loose my gran . She was so confused saying things that didn't make sense she started seening dead people that was close 2 my gran. Pulling blankets trying 2 get out of the bed all the process of dying she was in so much pain my heart was breaking. I called nurse we had chat that they could give her 2 injections but there is risk because of her age it could bring on 4 her 2 die. I told nurse I can't see her suffer no more she suffering really it wasn't my call 2 make so I had 2 phone my mother. My heart was breaking how I'm going 2 tell my mother Some how I did and we agreed. My gran had the injections 10:00 in the nite she looked so peaceful. My hubby stayed with her all nite I didht want her 2 be on her own. She slept Sunday she had 2 have another injections she was so restless when I went to see her she just slept yesterday we went 2 see her and she was wake she was bit confused and sleeping on and off . They are going 2 move her in hospice but they got 2 wait 4 bed I'm hoping she wouldn't have 2 wait long . The hospital she in the ward she on she is in room of her own and they do look after her. But some people haven got no respect the people who vist women next door 2 my gran the kids are screaming slamming doors shouting and swearing. My poor gran do be jumping out of skin show some respect. Rant over my gran had comfortable nite this is the hardest thing in my life watching someone u love going 2 die. I still feel like I'm in nite mere . Went 2 see my mother yesterday she ok  it must be so hard 4 my mother I can't explain how we all feeling at the moment Sad 

:(My Gran Dying): More Bad News ):

16 Jun 2017 10:16 in response to Gemini39

Don't know how much more I can take all what going on had phone from hospital 10:00 last nite my gran should have had morphin 4 the pain. 1 of the nurses give the wrong morphin it was stronger and they give her 2 . How this happened I don't know my hubby went straight down the hospital she was sleeping and nurse was checking her all time . My hubby came home earlier hours this morning I haven slept my head racing . Now I just seen how my mother she not well waiting 4 doctor she in a lot of pain again I'm really struggling it's so hard . I don't know what 2 do I feel hungry with everything going on why us Sad 

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23 Jun 2017 16:46 in response to Gemini39

Monday 19 June at 6:30 in the evening my wonderful gran passed away peacefully at hospital . I was with her it's like she waiting 4 me 2 arrive when I walked in 2 see her I thought she already died she looked so pale. I sat there and nurse came in 2 ask 2 check on her when she finished she said I called her name and sprayed her mouth but there no response I will get someone 2 look at her. I new this is it nurse told me I think u better phone the family . I sat in chair by the side of her and I phoned my mother that was hard Sad then I phoned my hubby I just sat there it was like she was in deep sleep I was talking 2 here I new she could hear me then she give 2 big breaths then she died . My sisters walked in but she already gone they where crying and was siting there still holding her hand and talking 2 her I must have been in shock . We all said our good bye I left still couldn't believe it I went straight up my mothers I told her she wasn't in any pain she went peaceful with me by her Side . It's been so hard 4 us all my mother expecial I don't know where my mother finds the strength from she sorted all the funeral out its next Thursday from my gran house then the cemetery that what my gran wanted. My mother haven been well she been haven  pain again her face have gone so small I think all what been happen it's starting 2 show. It's so sad being in this sistution it's like night mere my heart is broken Sad my gran would be 98 2 day happy birthday wish u was here so we can celebrate u birthday RIP mam ):

:(My Gran Dying): More Bad News ):

23 Jun 2017 17:51 in response to Gemini39

Oh Gemini,

I am so sorry to read this.I am so sorry I missed you previos posts. I have not been post as much as normal but am getting back to usual.

I know when my gran died it was a happy relief for her as towards the end she didnt recognise anyone. She died from breast cancer. She was like a second mum to me so I do understand how devastated you must be feeling.

Take care my forum friend, sening best wishe to you and your family, Brian.