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My fathers cancer diagnosis

16 Aug 2019 10:54

I would really appreciate an experts opinion here. My father was diagnosed with Bladder cancer in March 2018. They successfully cut it out in 2018 and it was a small tumor. They checked again in February 2019 and he was given the all clear. Today he had a second check but they couldn't make their way into his penis as the path had been too narrowed due to a fleshy lump.

So they will check with an operation. I am worried though, why couldn't they check? Earlier they saw a scar when they checked in February, so could it be as a result of that? I'm scared it couuld have spread to his prostate? They didn't mention that though.

How high a chance is it for bladder cancer tumor to return after and spread after six months?

My fathers cancer diagnosis

18 Aug 2019 13:53 in response to B-man

Welcome to Cancer Chat B-man although I'm sorry to read about your father's diagnosis.

Our community is made up of members who have had or supported others with cancer so hopefully those who have experience with bladder cancer will be along soon to offer their thoughts but if you're wanting an expert opinion then the best people to speak with would be your father's doctors. If he gives his permission you will be able to speak with his medical team privately and get the answers to the questions you've asked above so do have a chat with your father and see what he says.

You can also have a general chat with our cancer nurses about your father's situation on 0808 800 4040. Their phone lines are open Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m.

Best wishes to you both,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator