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My dad is going to die

18 Apr 2017 19:33

there, I've said it.  In one month we have gone from back ache to a brain tumour, bony mets, tumours on the adrenal gland and shoulder.  We have limited time left and he is at home with my step mother nursing him.  I am struggling to cope, thinking of why I didn't spend more time with him and why is this happening.  He is bedridden and although I'm trying to be strong I just crumble when I see him.  I just want to hear how others have got through this, I'm 38 and did not anticipate dealing with death of a parent so soon

Re: My dad is going to die

18 Apr 2017 20:53 in response to Tracey_g78

Hey Tracey!

My dad is going to die too. He has a brain tumor but he is still on his feet and operating well. The prognosis for his condition is a year, maybe a year and a half tops! I am also feeling helpless and dreading the days ahead of us. All i can say is that i truly hope you will be strong and for him and your mother. I really wish for this to pass quicly and painless and for you to feel calm again. Spend some time with him now. I am 28 and did not anticipate dealing with this so soon, nobody does i assume no matter the age. 

Cancer sucks. Sending love from Greece. 

Take care

Re: My dad is going to die

19 Apr 2017 23:15 in response to Tracey_g78

Tracey, I am sorry for that Sad

Re: My dad is going to die

20 Apr 2017 07:52 in response to Tracey_g78

hello tracey_g78 

I'm sorry to hear about your dad it really is rd to keep it together I struggled every time I saw mum mum as she also ended up bedridden but she was sedated so she couldn't talk to us I cared for my mum for 6 years and struggled very much in the end but you have to try to remember when your dad wasn't ill picturing that helped me or I use to sit with mum and listen to the radio and just talk about the old times I lost my mum in November last year I'm only 22 and it's very very hard now treasure all the time you have left together x

Re: My dad is going to die

20 Apr 2017 23:38 in response to Tracey_g78

Hi Tracey, 

My Dad is going to die too, he has mesothelioma and was given a year to live 5 months ago. Its a tough time for sure so many different feelings and emotions to deal with and not wanting to burden other people. I live in Australia which doesn't help either when Dad is in the UK. I have very limited face to face time left with him but talk regularly on the phone.

I think just be there for your Dad and try to do some Father/Daughter things together, even if its just watching tv together or chatting about fun things from the past so its not all about hospital appointments and prognosis. Cherish the times you have had together and don't dwell on what you can't change.

Take care x