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My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

9 Feb 2019 09:55 in response to sarahkickcancer

I think what you are doing in your dads memory is amazing, completely relate to the feeling of being robbed as I feel the exact same, my dad was taken into hospital lastnight with an infection due to them putting stent in so is on a antibiotic drip very unwell if anyone on here is religious please could you pray for him, sending love to you and your family and keep being amazing in your wonderful dads memory xxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

9 Feb 2019 13:10 in response to lausey

Sorry to hear he’s in hospital. My Dad also had a stent put in liver due to an infection and he was also on an antibiotic drip. It took a while but he managed to get over the infection and was discharged from hospital in time for Christmas. So sending love and positive thoughts to your Dad and you and your family. Thinking of you xxxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

9 Feb 2019 14:49 in response to sarahkickcancer

Thankyou so much it really does help having support from someone who completely understands, how long did it take for him to get over the infection? We just want him strong enough to be able to have chemotherapy it seems so out of reach at the moment with these hurdles, he has a phobia of hospitals so is having a really tough time being in there at the moment, I’m so glad you got to spend Christmas with your dad bless him and bless you for your comforting words, I’m really struggling to communicate my fears with my family as we are all trying to remain strong for each other and nobody wants to upset each other as I’m sure you’ll understand, will keep you posted xxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

10 Feb 2019 11:21 in response to lausey

My Dads condition was quite complicated but he had an infection in his liver due to blocked bile duct before he went into hospital. He was in hospital overall for 3 weeks but it was almost a week before they could operate to insert the stent and then he was about 5 days on an antibiotic drip. Overall he was in hospital 3 weeks. It sounds like your Dads case is Sightly different, but with a good dose of strong antibiotics hopefully he can fight this. He’s definitely in the right place. Hope today’s a better today for you all xxxxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

12 Feb 2019 14:01 in response to sarahkickcancer

yes slightly different the infection was caused by the stent it was actually sepsis and we were told if my mum hadn’t called ambulance when she did he may not have woken up, he came out of hospital lastnight and if all is well he starts chemo next Monday but he has lost weight the last week so he can only have 2 types of chemo now not 3 as he isn’t strong enough, he’s been confused recently coming out with strange things but they say it was due to the infection but understandably his mood is very low and he is sleeping most of the time which is concerning as I’m aware this is an end stage so hoping he is strong enough for the chemo next week, just thought I would give you an update once again thankyou for keeping us in your thoughts and I hope your ok xxxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

14 Feb 2019 13:03 in response to lausey

just wanted to give a positive update, it’s been a really good couple of days he seems over the worst of infection, he’s out of bed and dressed! Enjoying time with my mum and has eaten a proper meal for the first time since December and he has no pain today ! I could burst with happiness seeing him looking so much better and happier, chemo due to start Monday! Today’s a good day ❤️

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

25 Mar 2019 08:50 in response to lausey

hi everyone,

just wanted to give a brief update, my dad started the chemo and has so far had 3 rounds, he is coping amazing so far kept his hair, no sickness, just very tired for a few days while having the chemo. His side affects of cancer has reduced and he has his digestion under control reguarding food / toilet which was one of the biggest problems for him also the pain has reduced not to say he still doesn’t get the pain but certainly not as severe, he has a ct scan on April the 3rd to compare tumour sizes so will keep you updated but he really is doing really well, lots of love to you all ❤️❤️❤️

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

2 May 2019 00:44 in response to lausey

Thanks for sharing this good news, very glad to hear your  dad is responding so well to chemo and hope he continues to grow stronger. My dad was diagnosed just under a week ago with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, spread to his liver and bowel lining. He just started having some stomach pains a month previous which his GP put down to polyps but further tests lead us to this. It’s too advanced for surgery. We get his liver biopsy results on Saturday and more guidance from his oncologist.

its been a huge shock to us all as he is 59 and healthy, approaching retirement and the kindest man in the entire world. I’m 27 and furious that my dad is going through this and that his life expectancy is so low. I’ve moved back in with my parents and I’m dreading going back to work as I want to spend every minute I can with him.

He’s had sickness, pain and tiredness this week with the morphine and other meds he’s on. Hoping he starts treatment soon and we get good results. Worried he will struggle with chemo so hearing that it hasn’t been bad for your dad puts my mind at ease a little.

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

3 May 2019 09:12 in response to elliejel

I’m so sorry your going through this I can relate to the feeling of feeling robbed and angry I feel the exact same way, my dad has had 5 rounds of chemo and the ct scan after 3 rounds showed it was shrinking ! The cancer itself is stable but he was rushed to hospital yesterday as he has developed pneumonia and sepsis likely caused from chemo he’s currently on oxygen yesterday was touch and go but he’s such a fighter and wants to live so badly he is improving we think they got it in time and he’s on a massive dose of antibiotics, we love him so much and if love alone could keep someone on this earth he would love forever how I wish this was possible, I really sympathise with you and your family it’s hell just cherish him and try and make happy memories there will be days that are really tough but enjoy the moments that are good please keep me updated as I will you, sending so much love and best wishes to you and your dad xxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

5 May 2019 14:20 in response to lausey

just another little update after a very scary few days in hospital with my dad he has pulled through and fought off the infection the consultant said he should be ok to come home tomorrow, he is today back to his funny chirpy self and it’s amazing to see, this is the second time he has had sepsis in the last few months but he is here to tell the tale, today’s a good day thinking of you all xxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

5 May 2019 14:30 in response to elliejel

how are things ? X

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

10 May 2019 23:05 in response to lausey

Glad to hear your dads back to normal and home. It’s been a tough week here, dads been very sick with his medication. He can’t keep his food or pain meds down so he’s very weak at the moment. My mums taking him into hospital so they can get his strength up as he’s due to start chemo on Wednesday and we don’t want it to be put off.

I’m very frightened and can tell my dad is as well which makes it so much worse. Just can’t believe this is happening but I know reading everyone else’s messages on here it is happening to so many people. 

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

15 May 2019 23:52 in response to elliejel

hi, how is your dad now? Did he start chemo ? I still feel as though it’s a nightmare I’m going to wake up from it still doesn’t feel real to me either so I suppose it must be normal to feel like this, my dad went from being terrified ( which was awful ) to denial he doesn’t believe he is going to die, and I think this is his way of dealing with it and it’s helping him, sometimes coming to terms with things doesn’t help and isn’t necessary for the time being, this is just his way, cling on to any happy moments I know there probably aren’t many at the moment but when there is cherish it and hang on to it, I also find distraction helps even if it’s just conversations, normal , in-depth , funny anything just without bringing in the c word. My friend is a nurse and she came to see me the other day and I broke down, in almost an overwhelming panic and she said to me where there is life there is hope ( Stephan Hawkins ) and I tell myself that now whenever I feel I’m falling apart, please send my love to your dad and mum and a big hug from me to you .. stay strong, or cry whatever you need to do to get through this difficult time, as soon as chemo starts to take hold and hopefully shrink (the ******* ) as my dad’s oncologist quoted your dads symptoms should reduce a lot, please keep me updated xxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

29 May 2019 10:37 in response to lausey

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Dads not been doing so well to be honest, he had two rounds of chemo but it made him too poorly so the oncologist recommended he stopped. He’s been home and his symptoms have been under control for the few days, but we’ve had to start making arrangements as he’s getting weaker. 

Everything has happened so quickly I feel I’ve barely had time to take it in. I hope your dad is still doing well and the chemo has good results, do and say anything you want to now, don’t put it off for a better day. Thanks for your kind words in these dark times xxx

My dad has got terminal pancreatic cancer

30 May 2019 15:05 in response to elliejel

my dad is in hospital waiting for a bed at the hospice he doesn’t have long it’s all just happened so quickly the rumours have doubled in size and spread to lymph nodes in stomach, he is in a lot of pain and it’s extremely traumatic and devastating to see iv just got back from hospital to return later on today it’s been the worst day of my life second to diagnosis, it’s come to my attention that I have no real friends that I can turn to it’s weird the things that gets brought to your attention in your timescale of need. I’m angry I’m so very angry this is so unjust and unfair my dad believes in karma and always helped the homeless and anyone really in need with food / money because he always said he would get good karma ... where is it ??? I’m sorry for being so negative I just want to scream at the world