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my dad has been given weeks to live

7 Dec 2017 09:29

Hello this is my first post : I have been seeking comfort and solace through reading other people's posts but I guess I felt the time has come to do my own post . After a brave 5 year battle my dad recently found out he had months to live . This was a masssive blow to the family because we simply thought Dad would keep going. But in the last few months his health has deteriorated rapidly and I could no longer deny what was happening . We have now found out that dads prognosis has changed to weeks .
I can't explain the utter loss and fear I feel although I know from this forum that so many feel the same . It's such a hard time of year, I pray dad makes it to Christmas so he will be with us all and his 7 year old grand-daughter . I'm trying to be brave but I can't bare to think of a world without dad in it . I'm doing everything I can to be there for dad and mum and friends are there for me (am an only child) and I have to keep going for my daughter but right now I'm walking round like a ghost , I can't eat or sleep . I know I have to be strong and make the most of the time we have left but I just feel so utterly lost and empty ..  so I'm reaching out via this platform to get support from others who are going through this xx

Re: my dad has been given weeks to live

7 Dec 2017 22:42 in response to Jess1975

Hi jess ... so so sorry hunny ... there's no easy way through ... it's going to be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do ... but try as much as you can, coz you can help your dad through his journey that he's on, by holding his hand, and ask him if there's anything he wants to tell you, and tell him all that's in your heart ... my wonderful mum had a heart attack one Monday afternoon, with no warning... I never got the chance to hold her hand once more, or say those words I love you... and I'd have loved to tell her I'm so proud she was my mum.... what I would have given for just one day ...

As hard as it is, you have that chance... sharing hugs, admitting your both scared, and a few shared tears ... and if you can make his last days a little kinder by walking this journey holding his hand... he will live in your heart forever ... I still miss my mum and dad 23 and 27 years down the line ... 

So sending you a big brave hug ... you don't know just how brave you can be, till you face something like this ... take care chrisie ❤ xx

Re: my dad has been given weeks to live

8 Dec 2017 14:01 in response to Jess1975
Jess I know coping with that kind of news is really hard, my dad was also given 3 to 6 months to live back in January with terminal cancer now it’s been more than a year. Yes his health has declined considerably but we are trying to stay strong as a family. It hurts us seeing him like that especially that he’s just 49 and I’m 23 and having to go threw this is something unpleasant. All I can tell you is enjoy him the most you can, hug him kiss him, tell him how much you love him, do everything you can with him to enjoy life so if something bad happens you won’t have no regrets.