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Mum's diagnosis

3 Mar 2018 21:14

Hi this is my first time here And had no one else mum was diagnosed with lung cancer in September of last year and underwent chemo & radio and has finished not long ago really we went to clinic yesterday to be told it has spread to her liver and she has four months.....what do I do a mess 

Re: Mum's diagnosis

3 Mar 2018 23:13 in response to Beee

Hi there beee ... so sorry to hear of your mum's diagnosis ... no one can take your pain away, though sometimes wish we had a magic wand ... I see you've tried to answer others, while your needing help too so you must have a brave heart ...

All I can say, is my mum called me on the phone one Monday morning, and we made plans for the next day ... at 5.20 that same day, l got a call she had had a heart attack. . I rushed to the hospital, to hear the words, we tried everything we could, and l never saw her again ... what l would have given for just one day .. to tell her just how much she was loved and needed .. and thank her for being the best nan ever to my boys who were 7 and 16 at the time.. I was only 36 ... 

So what I'd say to you is live in the day .. make every day a memory ... talk about everything in your heart, leave nothing unsaid ... hug, cry, and find those little funny moments that make you smile .. hold each day as a gift, l never got ... try not to look too far ahead .. that makes things seem overwhelming ... and don't be afraid to admit your both scared ... your mum may still have something she wants to do, and things to tell you too, about what she wants ... although so hard to hear, you'll be glad you did ... grab this time with both hands ... 

It hurts so much, because we are blessed to have such lovely mum's.. and just take one day at a time ... my thoughts are with you ... sending you a big vertual hug ... Chrissie xx

Re: Mum's diagnosis

4 Mar 2018 12:10 in response to Beee

Hi beee,

Ive had the misfortune of being in your position with my mum dad and husband who all had terminal cancer my heart goes out to you,it’s not easy watching someone you love going through the torment of knowing they don’t have long to live you have to be strong for their sake to be positive when there is nothing to be positive about but you’ll find the strength believe me,you have the time to tell  her you love her and hold and talk to her ,your grieving starts now and you’ll go through all the grief processes so don’t be surprised if you feel angry or sad or any other of the emotions get help from friends family doctors councillors anyone who can support you though it .

take care of yourself