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Mum with cancer

5 Dec 2017 22:12

My mum's cancer is back. I feel like I've hit an emotional brick wall. Before I think I was numb. Now I'm struggling to cope with it all and the daily running of a family and a full time job. How do I comfort her. She starts chemo again next week.

Re: Mum with cancer

5 Dec 2017 23:53 in response to EmmaH

Hi hope your holding up well. I am in very similar sitation. Your mum needs you be strong for her sake, put on a brave face. My mums came back 4th time. She has chemo first three times and last time she decided she wasnt going to do it anymore. She is do brave. Yet we were handling it worse then her.  No matter how much your hurting her, put a smile on your face. If she sees weekness in you it wont help.