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28 Nov 2017 19:41

I feel drained and sad my mum was diasgnosed with ovarian cancer returning after 3 years now it’s far more aggressive she is refusing any more treatment and it’s tragic 

Re: Mum

30 Nov 2017 20:16 in response to Oriana

As I noticed you haven't yet received a reply to your post, I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to our forum, Oriana.

I think many of our members will be able to relate and understand what a sad situation you are facing with your mum's cancer and I hope some of them will be popping here soon to offer advice and share their experiences with you. Until then post as much as you need, there is always someone here to listen so just know you don't have to face this alone.

Stay strong, Oriana.

Best wishes to you and your mum,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: Mum

1 Dec 2017 10:20 in response to Oriana

Hi there ... welcome to our little chat room ... bless ya, I can relate to your mum ... and I know every one is different , some will carry on with all the treatment offered ... while some accept what the future holds ..your mum has been through one lot of treatment ... maybe she doesn't want to go through it again .. please try and listen to your mum ... she may open up and tell you what's in her heart , if she knows whatever she decides,  you will support her ... 

If you can jump on this rollercoaster, that is called cancer, and hold on tight, with her through the ups and downs it takes us on ... walk her journey.. and make every day a good memorie ... be it long or short ... I'm living in the day ... not looking down the road ... with the support of my loved ones ... I take every day as a gift ... 

I know it's not easy, and there are tears along the way ... but it's o.k to admit your both scared ... but you'll walk this journey together  ... you are braver then you realise ... and what a wonderful daughter too ... so sending you a big big hug chrisie ❤ xx

Re: Mum

5 Dec 2017 19:19 in response to Oriana

Feeling sad and drained is entirely normal.  I would say that hard as it may you should perhaps accept your mum's decision and support her.  Discuss it with her by all means but she knows best what she wants to do.  Losing a loved one is horrendous but sadly it happens.  I hope you get some support from friends and family to keep yourself going.