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16 Jul 2021 05:42


I have diagnosed with hodgkin lyphoma two months earlier and going through chemo. Me an dmy husband live in a flat share in london. Our landlord has put this flat on market and said that he will give us notice an dwe have to leave. With my circumstances my husband is not working since last 3 years and I was the only bread earner. Now I am not able to work and I am on spouse visa as well with 'no recourse to public funds'. My husband can claim public funds but he never did. But I cant. Now we are in a situation that we will need a place in near future to live without paying any rent as we don't have enough funds. My husband is a severe rheumatoid arthritis petient . Now he has applied for PIP and yet to receive his PIP form. Disability allowance. I am worried about our housing. It's very stressful for me while having my chemo treatment. Is there any exception if we can get a council flat anywhere in london or outside as we are really in need of it. I have no recourse to public funds can I still claim it given my husband disability an my current cancer diagnosis and treatment. I would really appreciate any help and suggestions.  Thanks 


18 Jul 2021 09:18 in response to rab333

Hello there and thank you for posting. I would suggest calling the Macmillan financial helpline as they have specialist adviser who can help you. It might also be a good idea to speak to Citizens Advice, you can find the number of your local branch on the CAB website

Best of luck

Moderator Sarah