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23 May 2020 01:53

I had abdomIn surgery 4 weeks ago after that I had infection I had surgery again 3 weeks ago now I wanted to now can use veet hair removal cream on my private area?


26 May 2020 16:16 in response to Sobia1

Hello Sobia and thanks for your post

I'm sorry that you needed to have abdominal surgery and I hope that you are now recovering ok.

It's very difficult to advise you if you can start using veet hair removal cream as I'm not involved in your care.The genitalia is a very sensitive area and it could irritate your skin. But if you have always used it and have not had any skin reactions before then it might be fine to start using it again.It's a good idea to check with your doctor or specialist nurse just to be on the safe side.

Kind regards,