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mom might have breast cancer and i am so afraid

17 Oct 2020 18:59

well, my mom found a big lump in her breast a few days ago and she had been suffering with her breast a few months before that with weird feelings in it but she just brushed it off as nerve pain. she went to the doctors on tuesday and the doctor found another lump in her breast, the first one was 4cm and the other is 2cm, she has changes in her breast too and skin irritation near the big lump. the doctor referred her to a breast cancer clinic immediately and we are now just waiting for the appointment, i am 25 and my mom is 44. i also have an 11 year old brother. i am just so afraid and i haven't stopped crying, my mom is also really afraid. i'm trying really hard to be strong for her but i just can't wrap my head around the thought that my mom might have cancer, she is my entire world and i don't want to lose her. i just don't know how to cope with this, i don't want to break down in front of her because i know she is already so afraid, i just don't know what to do. 

mom might have breast cancer and i am so afraid

17 Oct 2020 20:41 in response to auralune

Hello auralune,

This is my third try at replying on here. It doesn't save my replies! So frustrating!

Although I am likely to be the last person you want to hear from right now, I felt an urge to let you know that, even with the worst possible diagnoses like mine, there are lots of people living with breast cancer for many years.

Treatments are improving all the time.

I hope and pray that your mum's case turns out to be no cancer

Huge hugs,



mom might have breast cancer and i am so afraid

17 Oct 2020 21:44 in response to mare



thank you very much for replying to me. 


We are still waiting for the appointment but hopefully it will be soon, I will update once we know. 


thank you for saying that, cancer is such a scary thing that I sometimes forget that there are people who are living with it and have done for many many years. I feel a little better knowing that even if it is cancer that there are treatments out there that can help her. 


I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me, I have been such a mess since we found out and I haven't been able to stop crying. I feel so helpless. 


I will pray for you too. 


Sending lots of love to you, 


Auralune xxxxxxx

mom might have breast cancer and i am so afraid

18 Oct 2020 09:17 in response to auralune

Hi again Auralune,


It's a difficult wait isn't it. And your reactions are totally understandable, but I am glad you are able to share your feelings.

Sometimes distraction can be helpful, getting out and doing stuff; sitting waiting and feeling helpless can be so hard.

I shall pray for good news for you all.