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Missing mum

16 Sep 2019 23:43

I lost my mum about 2 month ago now and I feel like my life isn’t getting easier I am only 20 and I never imagined my life without her she was my everything she was 44 when she passed one day away from her 45th birthday . I just feel like I don’t want to be around anyone not even my only family I just want to be alone but I can’t get any alone time . I want to just leave my family for a while and just deal with it myself but I can’t seem to find the right time and I don’t want to tell them because I know they will ask 101 question I just want to Greave on my own but I can’t get the time . I feel like I am constantly drained with no energy and I don’t wanna work but I have to because my boss won’t give me anymore time off . Is there anyone who can help 

Missing mum

18 Sep 2019 10:18 in response to Jackm14

Hi jackm14,

I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your mum. My mum died suddenly 3 months ago so I know a little if what you are going through. I'm older than you at 48 and my mum was 74 but so happy and healthy looking. 

Losing your mum at 44 is just awful. No wonder you feel the way you do.

I have wanted to be alone for most of the last 3 months and isolation is a very common reaction as part of our grief. I also have no energy, feel drained and dont sleep well. I have kept away from alcohol and try to eat healthily when I can manage to. I have also got out every day for long walks which has helped.

In terms of work, I have been signed off by my GP for 10 weeks now, since the day after mums funeral when I realised there was no way I was fit for work.

I would suggest you see your GP if this is an option for you. I am just starting to feel that resuming work is something I could start to get my head around in the next week or two, providing I go back slowly as I still feel very fragile.

Good luck and let us know how you get on if it would help.


Cheryl x

Missing mum

18 Sep 2019 18:45 in response to C1971

Thank you for the reply and also I went back to work the day after the funeral as I didn’t want to be around my family at that time I know it was selfish and I pushed a lot of people away that ment something to me . I don’t drink and I never really have it doesn’t Intrest me at all so I try and just go out fot drives to clear my head but then I feel lonely it hard to have a balance I know this is all new to me and I will never get back to the old me when my mum was here but I just try and think that she wouldn’t want me to be down so I am trying for her