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Mirena coil - pre cancer cells

16 Sep 2021 15:21


I am looking for advice really. I have been told that i have pre cancer cells in the lining of the womb. The consultant has offiered a hysterectomy which i dont really want. The other options were mirena coil or drugs.

Can anyone help in my decision. I dont know alot about either the coil or the drugs but if anyone has been helped in a good way by either then your thoughts would be welcome.

Thanks in advance

Mirena coil - pre cancer cells

17 Sep 2021 01:18 in response to Twizzle

Sorry to hear you are faced with this.  You don't mention your age or if you have already had children.  Easy for me to say at 64, but I personally would be very grateful the cells were pre cancer and go ahead and have the hysterectomy.  I would be doing it to ensure best possible chance of me surviving to play my role in the family and do things I enjoy.  I don't really know about the coil etc but more radical intervention would be my choice.

Mirena coil - pre cancer cells

17 Sep 2021 11:13 in response to Celticlass

Hi Celticlass

Thanks for replying. I am 54 years old. I have 1 son aged 23. I am perimenopause, i have regular periods every 28 days.

The reason i am saying a dont want the hysterectomy is that i believe it completely changes a woman, from her mood to her libido. I dont feel ready to have my 'womanhood' taken away. I know every woman is different though.

This is why i was given the other 2 options and i am interested to hear about the mirena coil.

Mirena coil - pre cancer cells

17 Sep 2021 11:39 in response to Twizzle

Ah okay. I don't see it like that to be honest.  My sister, now 61 had to have a hysterectomy oh it must be 10 years ago at least.  This was because of very large fibroids.. She is still.every bit the woman - very attractive, fun.and lively in every way! Not in the least moody.  I wish you all the best.  Hope someone can give a helpful opinion.on the coil.  I have recently had.a pre cancerous large polyp removed from my duodenum.  It was an unusual one and very rarely appears in the small bowel.  So far surgery which might lead to a stoma being needed has been avoided - but I worry about what will.happen if it grows back.  I am the one with the moods and mental health.issues.  I don't think it is wise to take a risk with your life to remain.'feminine'.  If the time comes when I need more radical intervention I will just accept it.- I want to be around for my.5.children and grandchildren.


Mirena coil - pre cancer cells

17 Sep 2021 17:56 in response to Celticlass

I may have to get a right ovary removed so it's reassuring to hear that a hysterectomy had no impact on your sister. I spoke to someone else about menopause and they said theirs was fine, no major symptoms like hot flushes at all. The media covers menopause a lot right now and is it just creating fear? I wonder if the media coverage is helpful. I'm afraid of surgical menopause as I'm only 34 but ultimately, my health comes first, end of story. My gynaecologist has said she'll try to preserve the ovary if she can but I'm afraid I'll get another ovarian cyst and need that removed as well. I've started using the Headspace app to deal with my anxiety and it's really helping..I feel more confident now about discussing my concerns with my gynaecologist. She has said that one ovary being removed shouldn't impact my fertility as there's still another one there. 

Mirena coil - pre cancer cells

17 Sep 2021 18:02 in response to Twizzle

Would you be able to get some psychological supports? I ask because I have a lot of anxiety around my upcoming surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. I rang the cancer helpline and the nurse was very reassuring. Sometimes, it's helpful to explore one's fears with an understanding person. Some hospitals have a psycho-oncology department. 

I don't think the menopause would make you or anyone unfeminine though..I feel like media coverage around the menopause is making people anxious. Talk to your gynaecologist about your concerns but I would go for the hysterectomy tbh. Mirena coil is only designed to be used as a LARC/long acting reversible contraceptive. I'm getting one fitted soon as I don't like the pill and I have heavy bleeding from the cyst. It lasts 5 years and you can just leave it there but that's all I'd use it for. I had a family friend who died of cancer so you're definitely better safe than sorry. 

Mirena coil - pre cancer cells

17 Sep 2021 18:39 in response to Sugarsnap3

I think my post has been taken out of context. It's not that I think I will become unfeminine it's that I have heard that a hysterectomy will take away my libido. Some people think just cos you are in your 50's that sex just ends but my relationship is fabulous and to think that a hysterectomy could end this is a difficult one for me. So if I'm being offered alternatives then I just want to know as much about them as possible. The mirena coil has been offered as it can change those pre cancer cells so this is why I need as much info as possible