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Minimal support from hospital and waiting weeks for results

9 Dec 2020 15:18

So, my partner has been diagnosed with testicular cancer back in July. Looking away from the fact we had to wait over a month to find out and get him to surgery, everything went well and follow ups were recommended.

His first check-up was meant to be October. We got a letter through end of October asking us to book all the appointments ourselves - no information, contacts, how it works nothing. We called the hospital, our GP, no one was capable to properly direct us through the process. 

We finally managed to get everything sorted. It's been A MONTH and we still don't have his results. Not only this, but we contacted his nurse/department as he had some pain in lower back (which we were warned about) - no answer again.

I feel so angry, frustrated and upset. I don't want to share my frustration with my partner as he is already worried and I want to support him. 

Does anyone have a similar experience?

Minimal support from hospital and waiting weeks for results

11 Dec 2020 13:20 in response to MSim

Hello Msim

I'm sorry to hear about your partner's diagnosis and the lack of communication that you've had with the hospital. I can understand why you are feeling so frustrated and anxious about the situation. 

Can I suggest that you contact the hospital PALS department. They provide a point of contact for patients, their families and their carers. They certainly should be able to help. 

I do hope that you have some news soon. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator