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Mastectomy pre and post surgery tips and advise

11 Jul 2019 10:42


I am due to matectomy on 5th August and hoping for some tips/advise on what to expect, things to buy (bras, clothing, food etc).

I am very nervous about it hoping some tips and advise will calm me down a little bit 


Thank you!!


SC xx

Mastectomy pre and post surgery tips and advise

11 Jul 2019 11:18 in response to Foxdale

Hi there .. 

So sorry you've had to join our little club ... but it's a great little club when you need it ...

Mastectomy pre and post surgery tips and advise

4 Aug 2019 18:26 in response to Foxdale

Hello!  Just wanted to say having gone through a mastectomy just under 3 weeks ago - it is not as bad as I thought!  I was so nervous beforehand as it is mostly the unknown. I had reconstruction at the same time as I am only 47 and couldn't face not having a breast.

I found that using your arm carefully as soon as you can helps. I am still conscious of carrying heavy items with my right arm but I'm doing the exercises they recommend and find that helps.  Straight after the op I didn't feel any pain (due to the painkillers) but found that as long as I took them when I needed them it wasn't a problem.  I came off the painkillers after 1 week and only take them occasionally now.

I bought sports bras to wear as advised.  I do find them quite tight and they can cut into you a bit but they are generally ok - can't wait to get back to normal underwear.

Wishing you all the best with the op.


Mastectomy pre and post surgery tips and advise

9 Aug 2019 11:08 in response to Foxdale

Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and hope your op went well. xxx

Mastectomy pre and post surgery tips and advise

11 Sep 2019 10:03 in response to Devonlady

Hi @devonlady,

Apologies for not replying soon. Thank you so much for your reply, it helps me a lot.

I had my left breast mastectomy on 5th august, been 5 weeks now. the ops was longer than plan- it took 5 hours ( surgeon said 3 hours but it took longer, my sister said my husband was so worried waiting he didnt sit stil at all during the 5 hours!). nevertheless the surgery went well. 

However, the next day i had very bad reaction to anaetshetic, was sick all day, cant even drink any water without getting sick. During chemo i have not once been sick but not the case after surgery. fortunately, the 2nd day was better. I have to stay at he hospital for 5 days as liquid was above 30 ml daily and had to carry the 2 bottles for 3 weeks before liquid finally drying up.

Now after 5 weeks i can use my left arm, and managed to lift it above my head. I have immediate reconstruction too, using expander but will thibk about repalcing it with my tummy fat next year once all settle down nicely. 

What type of BC do you have if you dont mind me asking? and what treatement are you in now?

I have Triple negetive. Had my chemo for 5 months and surgery. at first the dcotor said i need radiotheraphy but after surgery and lymph nodes biopsy, the surgeon said all my nodes are clear and no sign of scaring so no radiotheraphy for me. Not sure how i feel about it Confused

 Thank you again for your reply.


Lots of love -SC-

Mastectomy pre and post surgery tips and advise

12 Sep 2019 09:46 in response to Foxdale

Hello - really good to hear you are past the surgery and starting to feel better.  I had Stage 1 with a small 1.5cm lump.  I was lucky as I caught it early so don't need any radiotherapy. I need to take Tamoxifen and I have an oncology appointment next Monday to discuss with the consultant.


I am slowly getting used to life post mastectomy.  It is strange that I have no feeling in the breast area but it is gradually becoming the norm!  I am still doing the arm exercises as it feels a bit sore still.

Take care. xx