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Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

18 Sep 2020 01:11



I am a 36yr old mummy to 4 wonderful children, 5 if you count the husband. I do apologise but this is a long one.


I was admitted to hospital last week for severe abdominal pain. Originally they thought it was appendicitis as it was on my right side. 

So they did an ultrasound and ruled out appendicitis but found a 4cm solid mass on my right ovary. They said it doesn't look like a cyst and they wanted me to have an mri within the 2ww. They admitted me to a ward because my pain was so severe after 3 days they sent the pain clinic nurse to me and she sent me home with slow release tramadol and oramorphe (liquid morphine) to take every 4hrs when needed. They said my case would be discussed at the next MDT on Tuesday just gone.


I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July 2019 and I was supposed to have had an appointment with my surgeon last week but obviously missed it, I rang my breast cancer nurse on Wednesday to sort out a new appointment, while I was on the phone I explained what happened last week and asked if she could have a look at the outcome from the meeting as I wasn't given any details about who I could contact. She said she couldn't see it as it wasn't her area but she could see when my mri is booked for. It's not booked till the 9th October Sad so I'm expected to take tramadol and oramorphe until at least the second week in October. She also gave me a number to ring to find out the outcome.


The number was for the medical secretary to the gyne who was at the meeting. She said they discussed my case and it was said they want mri. I said I already knew that last week. I told her it was booked for the 9th October which is a long time to wait when I'm in so much pain, on such strong painkillers and especially if it is cancer as it could spread and she was like oh it won't spread if it's cancer. How can she say that? No one can say that?! 

I was supposed to celebrating this month that I was NED from breast cancer but no I'm back to the waiting game again. 

Has anybody else had Breast Cancer and then found a mass on ovaries and it been ok? 




Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

18 Sep 2020 01:35 in response to mrsh7

Hi Hayley


It sounds like a really tough waiting game.  I don't have an answer or experience of what your currently going through.


I just thought with it being late at night I'd send a wee post to let you know someone is thinking of you.  The constant waiting for tests, results etc etc is horrendous.  I fully understand how you are feeling and it's hard to shift the constant worry.


Hopefully in the morning someone may be able to relate to where you are at the moment but as you know we can have the same thing and it still is going to be a different experience.  Hope you get some sleep.



Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

18 Sep 2020 06:07 in response to Moonpuddle

Hi Lorraine


Thank you for your message. I did eventually get some sleep, all be it not for long. I think they'll be an afternoon nap today before picking up the children.


Did you manage to get some sleep? 


Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

18 Sep 2020 08:10 in response to mrsh7

Hi Hayley


Yes got to sleep thanks to my night time pain tabs lol.  Nothing like another load of chemicals in life Laugh.  

I never think of the whole NED thing being honest.  I'm very aware that scans can't pick up rogue cells until they clump together.  I can't forget recurrence is common event so for me NED is a snapshot of that day just.  We all handle this in so many different ways.  As long as it's the right way for you that's all that matters.  People may think I'm a pessimist, I see myself as a realist.  

I won't give worry the luxury of stealing too much time either.  I don't get that time back so it ain't stealing me away from my husband and family for hours on end.  All the worry doesn't change anything either so it's wasting the here and now living time.

While I worry about cancer I'm probably more likely to get hit by the bus cos my mind is elsewhere Wink





Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

19 Sep 2020 07:00 in response to mrsh7

Hi Hayley, I had grade 3 breast cancer and masses on liver/behind womb/on ovary spotted on CT scan a few weeks after mastectomy so know how anxious the wait for MRI is. Thankfully they don't think the liver lump is cancerous, and think the pelvic lumps are endometriosis. (No further investigations at the moment, as I've had endometriosis/endometriomas before). The endo is a bu**ger as it elevates the CA125 blood levels they test for ovarian cancer, but they can sometimes remove /test the lumps with laparoscopic surgery so you're back to normal activities a lot sooner than mastectomy xx

Hope yours turns out to be similarly benign xx

Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

28 Sep 2020 17:43 in response to Moonpuddle

I don't see you as a pessimist Lorraine, I think the same.


How are you? Sleeping any better? 

Hayley x 

Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

28 Sep 2020 17:51 in response to Ab1gail



How are you? Have you finished your active treatment?


I hope they take it out soon, I would ideally prefer them to take it all out so there is no more chance to get it again.



Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

28 Sep 2020 21:28 in response to mrsh7

Hi Hayley


Hoping your hanging in there with the wait and the pain.  I don't think anyone can understand unless they've been in that position.

I've had a few scares and just putting in the days is hard.  So far that's all they have been.  My brain function was put down to chemo brain.  I still have days where I trip over words, noise can get to me but I climbed out of bed this morning so I'm really prepared to put up with side effects no matter what.  Good old letrozole is a bit of a mare but getting there.  

I see oncologist on Wed with a view to starting Neratinib. I had researched about what other drugs were out there and asked my consultant about it.  She was impressed as only one other person had asked about it.....moral....don't be a passenger on your journey !   Think you were her2 and er etc positive too?  Been a long drawn out process since March.  My early access request to it was rejected as no staff to monitor me, again due to the virus.  The meeting in Scotland to accept or reject it for here was delayed due to Covid. It's available everywhere else in the UK. You need to start within a year of herceptin so for me that's January.   I started basically making a nuisance of myself and took it all the way to Nicola Sturgeon.  The meeting was the first to go ahead of delayed drug approvals and had been fast tracked.  August it got approved.  The list price is £4000 A MONTH!!  The health board get a discount but even so, you're on it a year.  Thank goodness we have the NHS.  Fingers crossed as it comes into use here on 1st October.  Major side effect is diarrhoea which causes many women to stop.  My more loo rolls lol.

It doesn't get given here unless your hormone and her2 driven as that group showed biggest benefit in the research studies.  Not a fantastic percentage benefit but I will literally take anything if I feel from what I've researched it's going to help prevent recurrence.

I never sleep too well, it's not a common side effect of letrozole but I just like being extra special Wink


It's been pitch black here since just after 7.  Sitting in my caravan in a place called Dunbar looking out to sea.  Cancer for me is life changing.  I couldn't find my car keys to get here and spent ages looking for them, I'd literally just had them minutes ago.  My husband was getting frustrated on my behalf,  I said to him, don't feel frustrated, I woke up this morning, that all that matters really.  The rest of the day is a beautiful bonus, car keys, bills, you name it, doesn't matter as long as I'm climbing into bed again at night.



Mass on ovary after Breast Cancer

17 Oct 2020 18:49 in response to mrsh7


i had breast cancer in 2018

and was on tamoxifen. And having lots of blood loss.

now an ultrasound shiws a thickened womb very and a swollen

Overy and many cysts in them.

and am awaiting results now from a CT scan.

tuesday my results day very down