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Malignant melanoma

20 Jul 2019 00:34

My  journey started with a visit to the GP to look at a stain between my 4th and 5th webspace of my toes. Referred for 2 week fastrack to dermatologist. Day 7 seen and referred me to plastics for clinically looking like melignant melanoma. Removal of lesion 25th May to a long wait of 8 weeks for results, even tho they said 2/3 weeks. Open wound now healed to be notified 17th July of 1.5mm malignant melanoma diagnosis stage 1B. Waiting now for a further WLE and sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Malignant melanoma

20 Jul 2019 09:13 in response to Shelvox

Hi Shelvox,

I'm sorry to hear or your diagnosis and the very long time it took to get the results. Did they say what caused the delay? Have they given you any idea how long it will be for your WLE & SLNB? Hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks so that you aren't being kept waiting again. Hopefully no involvement will be found in your sentinel node(s) and you then won't need further surgery - just regular check ups. If you have any questions then please ask, I'm a veteran of this disease (Stage 3 for 10 years). Good luck and please let us know how you are getting on,