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Malignant lobular crlls

3 Jan 2018 17:38

Hi . I’ve been told I have some malignant lobular cells from a biopsy in my right breast . Area seen on ultrasound. The biopsy tissue was poor so no other results could be given . I’ve had a sentinel node biopsy today . I’ve accepted I’ve dome form of breast cancer but could anyone explain any more please . 

Re: Malignant lobular crlls

3 Jan 2018 21:38 in response to maria66

I'm not a doctor and definitely no expert, but this sounds like a form of breast cancer called Lobular breast cancer. This is a cancer which starts in the lobules, which are the milk producing glands. 

You can find information here 

and here

You may need a few more tests and scans, but once they're done your oncologist will be able to prepare a treatment plan. 

I'm sure this is a dreadful shock to you but breast cancer treatments and outcomes have advanced significantly in recent years. For now, fingers crossed that it's been caught early.