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Make it your decision

8 Feb 2017 12:59

Today is the launch of Make It Your Decision, a pioneering campaign from Compassion in Dying encouraging people to plan ahead for their treatment and care, ensuring that their wishes are known and respected should the worst happen.

The campaign encourages people to think about the importance of considering, discussing and taking action to document their wishes in advance should injury or illness leave them unable to make these decisions for themselves in future

Compassion in Dying has produced a new animation and website where you can find out more and request further details.

It's not always an easy thing to think about but research shows that a third of people said they worry about the care they would be given if they suddenly lost the capacity to make their own decisions, and over a fifth worry that they’d be given medical treatment they would not want. Is it something you've thought about or discussed with your loved ones? We'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts.

Moderator Sarah

Re: Make it your decision

21 Mar 2017 23:04 in response to Moderator Sarah

I personally think that it is criminal that the .Gov does not give us a choice to end our own lives. We can euthanise our pets to prevent them suffering, but that route is closed to us legally irrespective of how difficult life may get. I am sorry but it is stupid.

We are left to rely on organisations such as Dignitas and the associated risks for loved ones.

The government here excels at making stupid laws and decisions. We pay the price.

Re: Make it your decision

30 Mar 2017 11:40 in response to Afy

I totally agree with you, while we are of sound mind we all living with terminal cancer, and other terrible diseases should be given the choice to end our lives without suffering X