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Lung surgery due soon and I'm scared

12 Mar 2018 23:00

Within 6 weeks, I've been diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer, had CT and PET scan and have an operation to remove my upper left lobe and 5 surrounding lymph nodes removed booked for March 26th. Bit of a shock is an understatement. My tumour is 26.5mm and they're treating it as small cell. I haven't had a biopsy as its too close to my heart. They'll determine the exact type in surgery. I have no symptoms at all, my weight hasn't changed in 6 weeks and I have a good appetite and my lung function is excellent according to the surgeon. I'm scared to death of the op and can't shake the feeling that it still won't cure my cancer. I'm also scared I won't survive the operation. I've had 7 other operations in my life and never really worried before but I do with this one. My surgeon is very optimistic with 97% success statistics but I just wonder what I will feel like when I wake up. Has anyone experienced surgery? I know it's normal to worry. Think I just need reassurance from others who have had similar. My partner just won't let me discuss my fears..he says not to even think about it but that's easy to say! 


Re: Lung surgery due soon and I'm scared

12 Mar 2018 23:54 in response to Mummycat

Hey again Mummycat, Not sure how anyone could think someone wouldn't even think about it when having any physical problems and facing surgery! Yes, it's normal to worry and I sure have when going through what my husband and myself have gone through. My husband with cancer and myself with severe physical problems almost dying twice in my life I have always been scared when facing surgery and the last time when I was bleeing 24/7 heavy at times, going unconcious at times, being skinny for the first time in my life where I couldn't eat (literally screaming in pain just trying to have sips of water). I was in such bad shape with so many physical problems my local doctors would not even do surgery and sent me to Chapel Hill where they saved my life. I really didn't think I would make it and knowing my husband that has been through cancer and other physical problems has no one now but me to help him so I knew I had to go through it and now even though I still suffer a lot at least the bleeding has mostly stopped and I can at least drink liquids most of the time without screaming in pain even though still painful. Just sharing a little of what I've gone through to let you know even though we don't have the same thing I can relate to some of what you are going through. 

Re: Lung surgery due soon and I'm scared

13 Mar 2018 16:13 in response to Mummycat
Hi there, Im also having lung surgery this week on the 15th, also my left upper lobe, I agree its very scary, and Like you Im concerned about afterwards. but we can rest assured we will be in the best possible hands the surgeons really are amazing , so although its not easy , please try not to worry and have faith that all will be well, sendinding my best wishes to you, if i get home before your surgery ill post here and let you know how Im doing xx

Re: Lung surgery due soon and I'm scared

14 Mar 2018 16:19 in response to nanalin

I really wish you well and hope you recover quickly with minimal pain. I'll be thinking of you, thank you 

Re: Lung surgery due soon and I'm scared

14 Mar 2018 16:22 in response to SillyGal

Thank you for your experiences and kind words. It does help.