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Lung nodules

11 Nov 2019 10:50

just had results back from ct scan shown I have two modules on my lung I’m really worried can anyone give me some advice please 

Lung nodules

12 Nov 2019 00:13 in response to Gembob

Hi Gembob. I feel the same as you, I was sent to hospital 4 weeks ago for a suspected blood clot on my lung. During my CT scan they incidentally picked up a 6mm nodule on my left lung and was told that it would be too small for referral and would get a letter in post to discharge me following the lung mgt review the scan pictures. Unfortunately they didn't send me a discharge letter and I have to go for another CT scan in 3 months time to see if the SPN has grown/changed at all. I am now in tender hooks as to whether I should be concerned or not. 

Lung nodules

12 Nov 2019 21:31 in response to ladymck

My mum had a ct scan 3 months ago because she keeps getting very breathless. The ct scan showed a nodule in one of her lungs. She now has another ct scan appointment for 13th December to see if it has grown.  Her breathing is no better. Can I ask do you suffer from breathless as well?? I am really worried about it. My mum is 75.

Lung nodules

12 Nov 2019 21:38 in response to Beachbabe

I do suffer but I have asthma so I'm used to breathlessness but it has been more frequent and heavier of late. I also have chest pains too. Head back to the GP if breathing is still no better. 

Lung nodules

12 Nov 2019 21:49 in response to ladymck

Thank you for your reply. It’s my mum, she has been to gp and he’s says nothing they can do till she has her second ct scan to see if the nodule has grown. She is seeing someone at the hospital on 9th dec about her breathing. 

Lung nodules

2 Feb 2020 22:15 in response to Beachbabe

Hi I'm a 61 year old with interstitial lung disease. Recent CT has shown significant deterioration and lung function tests show lungs working at 62%.

CT also shows multiple nodules of varying size.

I'm awaiting further discussion with my Consultant. Needless to say, I'm worried. 

Lung nodules

3 Feb 2020 14:02 in response to Gembob

Hi. I had 2 nodules 5mm and 4mm one in lower lobe of each lung. They were rescanned at 3 months (I was in bits all of this time). The respiratory consultant wanted to be sure they weren't Metastases from elsewhere and I had some ongoing bowel symptoms so they did a colonoscopy that found nothing. The nodules were scanned again at 1 year and 2 years and never grew. They were diagnosed as intrapulmonary lymph nodes. I never knew you could have those! I had pushed for the CT because if a cough and ended up going private which led to a long and anxious process. Stay a at from Googling them as it will NEVER mention they could be lymph nodes! 

Best wishes