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Lumps in left breast and armpit

21 Sep 2019 22:38

I've had a lump in my left breast for about 2weeks so because I have a history of cancer in the family I made an appointment with my doctor saw her yesterday she examined me and found another in my left armpit I'm absolutely terrified it could be something sinister got up this morning to an appointment from the hospital on Thursday morning its scared me even more just think I need somewhere to vent x

Lumps in left breast and armpit

22 Sep 2019 03:33 in response to Gina74


welcome to the forum. Completely understandable that you are worried but you are doing the right thing getting it checked out. Remember that the majority of referrals turn out to be nothing. 

Are you taking someone with you to your appointment for support? I would also suggest staying away from google, he’s nobody’s friend st times like this and will cause you more worry, 

There are lots of lovely people in here who will offer their support. Hoping for a good result for you. Try to keep yourself busy. Let us know how you get on. 


Lumps in left breast and armpit

22 Sep 2019 10:22 in response to Gina74

Hi I am at the clinic on Tuesday had some breast soreness so been referred to settle my mind however I’ve found a lump in my armpit a couple of days ago which is worrying me insanely. I have had folliculitis for a few months in both armpits which keeps recurring after antibiotics so thought that might be why I am sore. Now on antibiotic gel. It’s an awful waiting game so know exactly how you are feeling x

Lumps in left breast and armpit

5 Oct 2019 10:13 in response to Gina74

Hi Gina,


I'm in the same posiiton for a couple of weeks later. What happened next? Hoping you are ok