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Lumps in armpit and other symptoms

23 Aug 2019 13:11

Hi everyone,

not sure if I’m posting in the correct place but anyway. I’m very concerned I went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago after finding one small hard but moveable lump under my armpit. I wasn’t overly worried as I hadn’t googled my symptoms so I have been referred to the breast clinic for a scan etc. I’m 26. 

I recently noticed there is another hard lump which seems to be joined to this one. I also have small enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and one in my groin. I lost weight recently but just put it down to a very stressful time in my life I’m also suffering from depression and anxiety after my relationship ended. I’ve had at least three night sweats and I’m feeling tired and sore a lot of the time. I’m so scared and convinced that I have lymphoma or some other type of cancer it’s becoming impossible to get on with my life without worry. 


I have been reffered for a scan but no sign of an appointment 3 weeks later. Sorry for long post just looking for some reassurance or advice in this strange time! 


Thanks xx

Lumps in armpit and other symptoms

23 Aug 2019 17:06 in response to Cathrose92

Sorry to hear that Cathrose and hope you are OK. I can't offer any advice but just company as I am in a similar situation - hard lump in the armpit. I went to the GP and was quite laid back about it too until I came home and googled hard lumps and terrified myself. I've been really tired and have had one cold/cough after another this year. I've been referred to the breast clinic too. 

Sending you positive vibes x

Lumps in armpit and other symptoms

23 Aug 2019 18:39 in response to lilyday

That makes three of us then !!! Been checking my breasts and armpits like you do, and had found nothing worrying, then went to Travelodge last weekend and happened to notice in their huge bathroom mirror a strange colouring on the lower edge of my right breast. Came home and a week later I looked in our silly little face sized mirror, tiptoed and raised my arms, and to my total shock saw a lump staring back at me. I was a little concerned to say the least. Then I remembered a very scary conversation that I had about 4 years ago. My sister is in remission from Ovarian cancer, and she had everything removed, including womb and cervix. I remember a conversation that I am at higher risk of developing breast cancer due to the fact that my sister had ovarian cancer. That was it, I was on the phone and down the doctors the very next day. The nurse said that there is an obvious lump in my Auxiliary ? Whatever that means, and has referred me to an urgent 2 week appointment at the hospital. This was Tuesday this week that I saw the nurse, so waiting for my hospital appointment. I have a job to think about anything else. I hope and pray that we are all 9 out of 10 that have NON cancerous lumps. All the best and please keep posting X

Lumps in armpit and other symptoms

4 Sep 2019 18:19 in response to Tinsy

Hi Cathrose and Lilyday,  How are you both doing ? I have got my breast clinic appointment this Saturday (7th September) and am petrified of what they might find :-(. Have you had your appointment yet or still waiting to go like me ? X