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Lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy!

3 Jan 2023 22:20

Hey all, I hope everyone are doing okay and all managed to enjoy the festivities recently.

I was diagnosed with stage 2 ductal carcinoma in November 2022, I had a lumpectomy and node biopsy during surgery on 5th December 2022. My armpit has healed but my breast hasn't and has repeatedly bled, and I was told I had an infection by the GP on Christmas day as I was in absolute agony, anyway 7 day course of antibiotics later and there is now a horrible putrid smell so have been given another course of antibiotics for another 7 days. I'm still showing some small signs of bleeding. I contacted my breast clinic today to update them as to what has happened over the last month and they want to see me straight away so I'm in with them tomorrow. 

I am booked in anyway to discuss with them my surgery, next steps etc next week (they actually sent me a letter over Christmas bringing this appointment forward - which has worried me a bit).

Anyway before surgery and the node biopsy I was stage 2, and told it would more likely be radiotherapy for treatment and hormone therapy for 5 to 10 years. 

I'm just wanting a few experiences of others, if that's okay I think I'm just worrying as my body doesn't want to heal as it should, plus I'm sore and sick, and my appt being brought forward...

Has anyone ever been regraded from stage 2 to 3?

At what point did they recommend chemo? 

If nodes are positive is the next step usually surgery to remove them, or will radiotherapy be enough? Or chemo? 

What side effects have people had from radiotherapy? 

Can I request a MRI?

Can I have a say on my treatment path?

Has anyone had any reoccurrence?

Sorry a bunch of questions.

Thanks xxx

Lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy!

3 Jan 2023 22:51 in response to Gemxxx

Hi gem 

ypu poor thing you have been through it . 

I had a lunpectomy in July 15 th  and sentil node biopsy 

On 8 th august I had full auxiliary node clearance the grade can change it was a roolercoaatsr I was told no chemo then was told chemo my mind was going crazy I couldn't cope . But after the 2 nd operation they removed 26 nodes I had to wait to see oncologist my comsulsultant said chemo my oncologist disagreeed so I didn't get chemo as I had the Oncotype test where they send your tumour to America and my score was low so no chemo after all .

I have been where you are it's a awful time but trust me you will get up fighting and forget it ever happened in a few months my life is back to normal busy busy no Lookikg back x 



Lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy!

3 Jan 2023 22:52 in response to Gemxxx



I also had radiotherapy and now take 10 years of tablets I started then 3 months ago and feeling great x