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Lump on tonsil

26 Apr 2019 11:29

Could this just be a cyst? 

I have an appointment with my GP on 9th of may. 

A few other symptoms I’ve been getting are 

Lump on throat

Itchy legs

Dark urine

Blood results - high liver function 

Itchy legs 

weakness in arms 

Pain in elbow/forearm

Persistent cough 

Pain around neck and shoulders 


Lump on tonsil

26 Apr 2019 11:32 in response to Lh1981

I’m posting from my phone and it’s a bit glitchy. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about but just wondered if anyone had a lump like this with similar symptoms xx 

Lump on tonsil

26 Apr 2019 16:17 in response to Lh1981

Hiya. I was just wondering what the lump is like? 

Lump on tonsil

26 Apr 2019 16:31 in response to Lh1981

Hello and thanks for posting. It can be worrying when you get some symptoms that are new for you.

We aren't able to look at photos as we are nurses and unable to diagnose. Photos will be usually removed from posts.It's also not possible to tell you what may be causing your symptoms. Cancer will always come up when you google symptoms ,but do bear in mind that there are many other reasons that may account for your symptoms.

It's good that you have an appointment with the GP soon so you can discuss your concerns. You will be examined and if necessary, they can start some investigations that will help them make a diagnosis.

All the best


Lump on tonsil

26 Apr 2019 20:39 in response to Lh1981

Hello Lh1981,

As Nurse Wanda explained we have had to remove the photos  and avatar you uploaded as we do not allow these to be shared on the forum  for the purposes of diagnosis. This is because we are not able to give a medical opinion via the forum.  We emailed you this afternoon to explain this I hope you received our message.

You can find out more about this in our terms and conditions here.  

I hope that your doctor's appointment goes well on the 9th of May. Keeping everything crossed for you! 

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator