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Lump on lower left abdomen

22 Jul 2019 20:56

Hi I'm new to this but I feel like I need to talk to people who are going through similar symptoms to me as I feel like everyone thinks I'm going crazy for the bones of a year if not a bit more I have been getting on and off pain in my lower left abdomen there is a definite lump there that in my opinion seems to b getting bigger pain comes and goes in it at the moment it is really niggling at me doctor can feel it but doesn't seem too worried . I've been for an abdominal scan a transvsiginal scan and a colonoscopy and all scans have come back clear my poo goes through waves of really loose stool or constipated sometimes with bright red blood in it my physio says she can feel the lump but wreckons when she manipulates it she feel the lump running through a muscle so she wreckons I have damaged it in some way but she says it def not q hernia I feel like the doctors keep. Fobbing me off I have asked for an mri or ct scan on numerous occasions and they keep telling me if there was a lump it would of shown up on the abdominal scan I just can't help but worry that there is something going on at least twice a month I wake up profussly sweating and I get random pains and cramps in my stomach when they did the trans vain gal scan it was so uncomfortable on the left hand side where lump is being felt but he said it was because of bowel wind  I just want to get to the bottom of it I'm sick of feeling like I'm going crazy 

Lump on lower left abdomen

24 Jul 2019 12:34 in response to Elainelainey

Hi Elainelainey,

I'm sorry you have these symptoms, but I'm sure your doctor isn't fobbing you off and making the best recommendation they can. Your tests are coming back normal so try not to panic and hopefully they can help you get to the bottom of it. If you are unhappy with the way you are being looked after, you may want to consider getting a second opinion you can find out more about this here.  

I hope you find the reassurance you need,

Moderator Anastasia

Lump on lower left abdomen

23 May 2020 00:49 in response to Elainelainey


I feel like I may be experiencing the same problem, what was the end result you found?