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Lump and biopsy results.

12 Mar 2021 14:35

I found in a lump in my right breast and referred to the breast clinic by my GP.  The news I had was it was not good and that I had a P5 mass.  I have had a mammogram that day and the following week (Monday 8th March) I had a scan and biopsy.  I am so anxious and find I am very tearful awaiting these results. How long should these biopsy results take?

Lump and biopsy results.

12 Mar 2021 14:41 in response to Dee57

@Dee57, hi usually it takes two weeks for biopsy results. Dont worry to much at the moment you dont know what it is. I know what its waiting and how you feel but at the moment just wait you in good hands and all your test will come . In this forum less or more we all effected by waiting game with different outcome. Wishing you beautiful weekend xZana

Lump and biopsy results.

8 Apr 2021 02:33 in response to Anna71


I have now had the malignant lump (24x20mm) and sentinel nodes removed.  I will be seeing the consultant next week for next set of results and next phase of treatment.  As you say, the hardest part is the waiting game - waiting for resulsts, but we are in good hands.  Wishing you all well and  keep safe xx Dee57

Lump and biopsy results.

8 Apr 2021 07:16 in response to Dee57

@Dee57 ‍ , hi congratulations your cancer was removed and big job its done. I had mastectomy on 10 th os March with immediate reconstruction, dont like my physical condition at the moment but it's how it's. Im back to work two weeks after surgery, just to keep myself busy while waiting for next step. I will have chemotherapy for 12 weeks on weekly basis , cant wait to start and finish and forget it like a nightmare . Very true we are in very good hands all our treatment will be done individually what its best for us.. Will wait for your results from next week , hopefully you dont need chemotherapy, my Her2 positive thats only the reason i will be given chemo. Enjoy your free time , i will think about you x 

Lump and biopsy results.

9 Apr 2021 12:44 in response to Anna71

@Anna71 ‍ 

Hi Zana

Keep busy and there is only one way to go and that is up!  I will be thinking of you with your chem.  Keep well and safe xx