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Low temperature

13 Feb 2020 22:25

Should I be worried, temperature keeps dropping 35.8 this evening but I don't have any other symptons. Is such a worry knowing whether to phone the hospital. I phoned last night and the nurse said see your GP for blood test the next day and the bloods were fine. 

Low temperature

14 Feb 2020 02:17 in response to Silverdays

Hi there

Sorry to hear about your temperature.

You don't mention if you're currently undergoing treatment or have been diagnosed?

Going by the fact they said to go to your doctor's I would imagine they aren't overly concerned, though I was always told a low temp can indicate a fever too in some cases.

I would keep a diary of the temperature and track it hourly through the day for 3 days and make a note of any changes. Obviously if you start feeling unwell at all or have a cough, shivers shakes the usual then call up your emergency oncology service asap.

A low temp on its own isn't always something to concern about. Especially when it's 0.2 lower than the normal range, but keep an eye on it.

It's reassuring that your bloods came back clear.

Wishing you all the best


Low temperature

14 Feb 2020 03:43 in response to Ross2991

Hi Rose, 

Im on my first cycle of FEC chemo for IDC breast cancer after a masectomy in October. Day 3 & 4 sleepless, hot and a little shivery but minor, just slightly unwell. My temperature dips to 35.5 but has just come up again to 36.5 so that's encouraging. I am poised to phone the Oncologist Hospital so the anxiety is hard to manage. In the day I feel quite well, it's the evenings and nights! 
Thank you for replying ,



Low temperature

14 Feb 2020 12:50 in response to Silverdays

Whenever I phoned the acute team and my temperature was like yours it didn't phase them. They just said that they have no reason for me to go in to see them and that it's only if it gets to 38 that I need to go in. 

Low temperature

14 Feb 2020 17:31 in response to Coll0042


My temperature dips down rather than goes up. I've felt rubbish the last 2 days, wondering how I'm going to get through 5 more cycles. But there's no choice so onwards and upwards. Trying to stay upbeat, on the sofa in front of the fire. The worst is the insomnia. I took sleeping pills one night but zonked me out the next day...

Thanks for replying,



Low temperature

14 Feb 2020 19:14 in response to Silverdays

Hi silverdays

Never worry about ringing the hospital this is your health if you are worried let them know hope you feel better soon 

Low temperature

15 Feb 2020 10:31 in response to harleyoliver19

Thank you, yes I will, the nurses are so good at reassuring you. x