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Lots of symptoms

9 Oct 2019 22:50

I have had abdominal pain on left side /flank radiating onto my back since August.

Initially thought to be kidney /urine infection.

Pain has never left on left side - bloated on and off the day.

When I saw GP this week the pain when she felt my tummy was intense

My GP has ordered cp125 and abdo ultrasound plus full set of Bloods.

Also a stool FOB screen 

Could this just be IBS  I'm 55 years old. 

I did have a bit of IBS in my 20s that stopped when I became vegetarian.

Im getting my self anxious which I think is making me bloated 

Lots of symptoms

9 Oct 2019 23:26 in response to Pumpkinpie

Hi there ..

So sorry your in so much pain .. but no one here can tell you what it is .. wer only normal people with cancer or caring for someone with cancer... wer not medically qualified... 

So here's hoping those tests will show you what's going on .. it could be lots of different things .. there's no quick way round the wait ... I know it's scary waiting for results .. try to keep as busy as possible.. I know ... easier said then done ... let us know how you go ...  Chrissie   ....

Lots of symptoms

10 Oct 2019 07:39 in response to Pumpkinpie

Sounds like your GP is being very thorough. So I would take one step at a time. Don't try and predict what is going to happen, it's not helpful to your wellbeing, I know it's so hard dealing with uncertainty but try and be reassured that you are being looked into and take it one step at a time. All the best