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Loss of my mum

4 Dec 2017 21:54

Hey everyone I'm Lindsay am 28 and this will be my first Xmas without my mum.

Re: Loss of my mum

4 Dec 2017 22:40 in response to Linzi89

Hi Lindsay, i think the toughest Christmas, birthday & anniversaries are always the first one without your loved one. I can’t say it gets easier, it doesn’t,  but you somehow learn to live with the loss and new chapters in your life begin which help to fill that void, although i’ll admit it, it never completely  goes. But Your mum hasn’t left you, she is still in your heart and will always, always be with you. The greatest gift you can give her this Christmas is to try and enjoy the holiday as much as you possibly can. Spend time with your loved ones, make memories and tell them how much they mean to you. You are not alone. Xx

Re: Loss of my mum

5 Dec 2017 19:18 in response to Linzi89
Hi everyone, My lovely mum passed away last Tuesday and I am absolutely devastated beyond belief. Her funeral is on Thursday and I am dreading it. I am afraid I’m going to make a show of myself as I’m so full of grief & upset. Christmas is all around us & it seems everyone else is happy & excited about the festivities. I feel so bitter and angry that we have lost my lovely mum to cancer & people are out partying, Christmas shopping & putting the Christmas tree up, it’s so unfair. After mums funeral on Thursday, it will be expected that we carry on with life, get the shopping done, put the tree up etc but I just don’t know how I am going to cope! I don’t want Christmas without my mum! My mum loved Christmas and we spent it every year together. Has anyone got any advice for me please? Thank you xx

Re: Loss of my mum

5 Dec 2017 19:59 in response to Linzi89

Hi Lindsay, I'm Karen and I'm the same except without my dad.. and so worried about my mum... sending hugs. Xxx

Re: Loss of my mum

5 Dec 2017 20:03 in response to Linzi89

Lindsay, I just dont know what to say I really don't. Keep strong & we are all thinking of you X 

Re: Loss of my mum

5 Dec 2017 22:31 in response to Linzi89

Hi Lindsay I'm Lindsey to and this will be my fist Xmas without my mum to she passed away on the 10th of November... I have 2 small children and am dreading Christmas but I can' not have one because of the kids . Im heartbroken don't know what to do .. I know the pain you are feeling . Sending lots of love