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Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

12 Jun 2016 15:24

To all that knew Jo (Meerkat@65) through the forum.

I have today heard from Joanne's partner that  his darling Jo sadly passed away on Friday 10 June at 9.30p.m.  and I am honoured and personally touched to have been asked (by her) to leave a message of rememberance.

Jo, known to us on the forum as Meerkat@65, was among the first to welcome me to the forum and her thoughtfulness, friendship and support to others whilst battling her own cancer journey was  such an inspiration. Virtual friendship on this forum has a special place in my heart and Meerkat  was, in my eyes, one of the bravest ladies I have met along the way (there are many of you here).  She  always had a kind word, a charming wit and great dignity. She will be much missed and I  will continue to think of her often and send her family my heartfelt condolences.

I read the news of her peaceful passing having just completed the Race for Life in Watford in memory of my late husband.  I hope she would have approved that I now also dedicate my race day to her own brave battle.  Thank you for your friendship Jo.

Jules xx 


Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

12 Jun 2016 15:48 in response to jules54

Hi everyone,

Thanks for letting us know Jules.

I echo what you have written so well and would add that Meerkat or Joe as I knew her also had a great sense of humour and often used to pull my leg about me loving nuts of all sorts. I to will miss her for I have known her for about 3 to 3 1/2 years. She was as you said Jules, a very brave and kind lady. Yet another family now greiving because of this cruel disease. Like you Jules, I thank her for the friendship she extended to me and many others on this site.

Sending condolances to her partner and family, Brian.

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

12 Jun 2016 16:25 in response to jules54

I would like to add my sincerest condolences to Jo's family and friends and say how sad I am at her passing.  A kind, warm and lovely lady.

Thank you Jules, for letting us know and for starting this thread in her memory.

Hazel xx




Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

12 Jun 2016 17:05 in response to jules54

I haven't been on here for a while but after hearing in the early hours of Saturday that the lovely Jo had passed, I felt I had to come on and leave a tribute.

i met Jo on this very forum when I was diagnosed in August 2014 and she was a tower of strength to me during my treatment.

our friendship continued via Facebook and we had a lovely day together last summer when we met up for lunch. The last time I heard from Jo was just last weekend, she had gone online to wish me a happy holiday, how lovely of her to do that when she was so poorly. I messaged her partner during the week as I could see that she hadn't been online for a few days and he told me that she has taken a turn for the worst.

i feel like I have lost a great friend and I will miss her dearly.

Sleep tight, lovely Jo xxx

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

12 Jun 2016 18:22 in response to jules54

I am so sorry to hear of Jo's passing from this terrible disease. Jo was one of the first forum members to welcome me to this forum and made me feel included in this "club" that none of us would strive to join, but who are so grateful for its' existence. She was one remarkable lady whose strength and caring crossed many borders and she will be greatly missed by all of us who had the privelege to know her.

I extend my condolences to her partner, and her family and friends and I know her presence in your lives will be sorely missed. We have lost a brave soul, but heaven has gained a beautiful angel. Rest in peace my friend.


Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

12 Jun 2016 19:41 in response to jules54

Really sad to read this.  Sincere condolences to her husband, family and friends MSRIP ❤️

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

12 Jun 2016 21:33 in response to jules54

Thank you very much Jules for taking the time and finding the courage to share such tragic news. Words fail me to express the sadness and indeed the shock I felt after reading this message. On behalf of the Cancer Chat team, I wanted to send my heartfelt condolences to Jo's family, to her partner and to all her friends and I know she forged so many great friendships on this forum.

We were very lucky to have had Jo's regular presence on Cancer Chat for the last three years. A very active and much valued member of the forum, she was always there to support others when they needed it the most, to share her experience with those who would benefit from it. As Brian said, combined with this generosity of heart, she also had a great sense of humour.

Jo will be very much missed on the forum and every time I see her legendary meerkat avatar on the forum, I do and always will think of her. 

Warmest wishes to all of you on this sad evening, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

13 Jun 2016 09:24 in response to jules54

Thank you Jules for letting us all know. As @Moderator Lucie ‍ has said, Jo was a much loved and valued member of the forum and we will miss her terribly. I wanted to personally offer my condolences to her partner, family and friends during this very sad and difficult time. 

Best wishes,


Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

13 Jun 2016 19:41 in response to Moderator Lucie

Thank you, this is helping to keep me going, nice things said about Jo is really helpful. It's great to know she was loved by everyone.

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

13 Jun 2016 19:45 in response to jules54

A lovely tribute, thank you very much. Jo truly was a lovely lady who was at her happiest when she could help others. I miss her dearly.

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

13 Jun 2016 19:54 in response to Barbarella

Thank you for the lovely words, I know Jo really enjoyed her day out with you last summer and said often what a shame it was not to be able to meet up again. She said it was like she'd been friends with you for years because it was such a nice day. It's good to hear she had an impact on many people's lives in a good way.

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

13 Jun 2016 19:56 in response to haze44

Thanks, we will all miss her so much and will never fill the void left by her passing away.

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

13 Jun 2016 20:00 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian, she spoke very fondly of you and yes she even mentioned your fondness of nuts. She got a lot of comfort from these pages and it seems she also gave a lot of comfort to others, which really doesn't surprise me. I miss her so much.

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

14 Jun 2016 08:02 in response to CasperCat

Hi Caspercat so sorry for your loss. Jo was such a lovely woman towards me. She really helped me when I was first diagnosed and helped me understand that I could fight it. And it helped could I'm in remission a year later. I am very saddened by the news and will hold Jo in my dearest memories. Take care and everything will be alright -Diane x

Re: Losing a forum buddy - Meerkat@65 - Jo

14 Jun 2016 09:43 in response to CasperCat

Hi CasperCat,

Thank you so much fo replying. It cant have been easy for you. During Jo's three years on here she gave comfort and advice to so many people and despite not feeling well she still continued. I am sure many many people will have very fond memories of Jo and her kindness and great sense of humour.

I am sure you feel so lost at the moment and are suffering a huge range of emotions, but I hope you can take some comfort from the respect and admiration we all had for Jo. You yourself have also traveled a long hard road for it so hard watching someone you love suffer from this cruel disease. Anytime you feel the need to talk please come on here for It does help to talk.

Take care my friend, sending kind thoughts and best wishes your way, Brian.