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Looking for TNBC buddies

19 Oct 2021 16:50

Hi there! Diagnosed August 2021, just had second lot of EC chemo. Age 46. Two teenagers..

Looking for anyone at same / similar stage as me to share journey and experiences with. (including anyone who hates the 'journey' word which I appear to have just dropped in! Lol x) 

Hugs to all x

Looking for TNBC buddies

20 Oct 2021 18:35 in response to DPC1432

Hi well I've been through it all and I'm still standing lol,had chemo then had EC,then had the op then radiotherapy and now I'm back on chemo tablets,just stay strong and think positive,sometimes it is a struggle and you think how am I going to carry on with it all,but it's all worth it x

Looking for TNBC buddies

20 Oct 2021 21:35 in response to DPC1432


I am also 46, with two kids boy(15) girl(11), I was diagnosed in Sept so not very far along just yet, I have my date for lumpectomy and snb on the 11 th nov, then chemo to follow after this.

Have they offered you genetic testing?  They have with me but no appointment until Dec.

I was having yearly mammograms as I have a family history, still a massive shock though when I got recalled, still trying to get my head around everything.

how are you coping? 

Sarah xx

Looking for TNBC buddies

21 Oct 2021 12:33 in response to fifa

Hi There!

Nice to hear from someone on the other side of it all...I keep thinking exactly that - how can I manage this lot for the next 9 months!? But Im looking forward to the future... and maybe a cruise!! lol

Thank you for your words of encouragement xx


Looking for TNBC buddies

21 Oct 2021 13:09 in response to Sarahsunshine

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis - its rubbish isn't it?? Sad

I already had the blood test for the gene but results will be weeks away. Its a weird one that because in a way if it was positive you would think, ah thats why and have an answer for it all but then you absolutely DO NOT want it to be positive because of the implications for family. My daughter is 15 and the thought that I could have passed anything to her is beyond awful...

I've just had second lot of EC chemo. I've got to have chemo first before op to try and shrink the thing. Got to admit, I thought I'd be a bit braver but that first session was a lot more overwhelming than I expected to be honest. Side effects of this EC and accompanying medication are a bit poo. Its the sickiness really - I love my food but can't find anything I like to eat! lol

I hope the kids are coping with it all. My mum has cancer too although not related to mine as far as we know but its such a lot for the kids to have to deal with isn't it?

Sending you all good and positive thoughts!! Reach out whenever...

Hugs xx



Looking for TNBC buddies

21 Oct 2021 13:50 in response to DPC1432

Hi Kerry, 

yes you are right it is rubbish, then the added triple negative thing was a blow knowing that chemo is the only treatment,  I haven't seen the oncologist yet so don't know what I'll be on and how long for,  how long is you chemo for? 
the kids seem to have taken it ok I've tried to explain what will happen the best I can, the eldest is doing exams at the minute as no doubt your daughter is too, I'm afraid my illness will impact his grades.  The youngest has asked me not to pick her up from school with no hair ‍ charming lol.

I'm sorry to hear your chemo is making you feel pants it must be hard knowing that you have to go for more,  it also must be hard coping with your mums cancer along side your own too.

the whole thing really is rubbish, but if you ever need to chat I'm right here, still working at the minute f8nishing on the 5th November until godvknows when.

take care

sarah xx

Looking for TNBC buddies

21 Oct 2021 15:00 in response to Sarahsunshine

Hi Sarah I did have the genetic testing as I have a family history of cancer,thank goodness I didn't have the gene it was just one of those things for me,I kept strong and told myself I will and can get through it all and you will also,I had all the treatments thrown at me,now I'm on the tablet form of chemo,had the op as well and radiotherapy and they managed to rid of cancer,so all the treatments are well worth it and how ever much you feel like rubbish you are one step nearer  from getting rid of it all x

Looking for TNBC buddies

21 Oct 2021 15:02 in response to DPC1432

Good for you,get that cruise booked they are amazing did one cruise it was great,and food 24 hours a day x

Looking for TNBC buddies

21 Oct 2021 15:25 in response to fifa

Hi fifa,

you are right it could just be one of those things, I'm very thankful I was getting my yearly mammograms because of the history, as I can't feel the lump myself.  Are you having the tablet chemo after having iv chemo?  I'm willing to take anything they throw at me to be honest, I'm sure I will get through I fortunately have a very supportive husband and family and work are being fab, not allowed in once chemo starts as I'm a dinner lady in a primary school so I'm gearing up for lots of tv watching Wink.

you sound like all is going really well for you, it's nice to hear the positive side of things.

take care 

Sarah xx

Looking for TNBC buddies

25 Oct 2021 21:24 in response to Sarahsunshine

Hi Sarah,

Hope you're doing ok. Actually at the moment I'm feeling fine. First 10 days after chemo are a bit yuk but the last 10 before chemo again are fine. So nice to feel normal for a bit! I've got 4 lots of this EC every three weeks then a scan I suppose to check and then weekly Taxol for 12 weeks with Carboplatin every 3. This is the plan but I suppose thats subject to change...After that they ***** what surgery I need then after that radiotherapy I suppose... Just got to take a day at a time. At the minute enjoying a cup of tea while its drinkable! lol. In 10 days it'll taste rotten again!

Hair coming out in chunks when I'm in the shower but although it feels a bit thinner to me its not really noticeable to anyone else. I had to laugh when I read what your youngest said about picking her up from school - was just like something mine would say!!

As I didn't know anything at all about breast cancer when I was diagnosed, when they said its triple negative I thought, Ooo - that sounds good then... negative for three things! lol. Only when I was alone with doctor Google did I realsie what that meant. mmm. But it is very responsive to chemo so thats what I'm pinning my hopes on and lots of whats on the internet is outdated so Im trying to stay positive about it all Happy Oh, and I've stopped Googling!

Just had a text today to say results of gene test on Monday....Thats come through quite quickly actually! Is that good or bad I wonder....????

One fo the first things I thought was about the kids exams too. My youngest has her GCSEs and eldest has his A levels. I think they'll be fine though. Once the shock has worn off then it all becomes a bit normalised. I've told them its just a case of going through this process and we just have to try not to worry, one day at a time etc etc. I know its on their mind but I try to keep as upbeat for them as possible. I also told the school, with my daughters agreement. They don't speak to her directly about it but are aware of the situation just in case she gets upset at school or anything. 

Take care,

Kerry x

Looking for TNBC buddies

26 Oct 2021 09:53 in response to DPC1432

Morning Kerry,

lovely to hear you are doing well,  it's great your gene test results are ready but also nerve wracking too, have you decided what you are doing if they are positive?  I'm thinking I would opt for a double mastectomy the consultant has already agreed to this, although I don't always see the same one living on a small island they seem to just fly in each week!  Thank goodness for MDT meetings.

I had my pre op assessment last Friday ready for the 11th so I'm all set apart from COVID test. 

yes Dr Google is nightmare mainly doom and gloom I've also stopped looking. 
My hair is really thick and curly it's going to be all over the blooming house once it starts coming out, are you going for a wig?  I don't think I will I'm going down the hat route I think I would look totally odd with a wig, the dog would probably savage me thinking I'm an intruder Laugh ( mini sausage dog issues) 

I too contacted the kids schools the high school tutor got back to me straight away, she is lovely and reassured me she would let me know if any issues flag up, luckily he has just done his maths, English and now half way through his science exams.

yes one day at a time is the best way or it can become too much. So far so good though.

I'll be thinking of you next Monday getting your results, hope all goes well.

take care lovely.

sarah xx

Looking for TNBC buddies

29 Oct 2021 22:47 in response to Sarahsunshine

Hi Sarah,

Hope you and the family are doing ok Happy

You must be so nervous with your operation coming up, it all seems like such a long road doesn't it?With your family history have any of them tested positive for the gene? As my mums is related to ovarian cancer she had it but just for the 2 BRCA ones. They've added a third one now apparently. She tested negative but of course theres dads side to consider and the third gene... Im crossing my fingers that I'm just an anomaly! lol 

Changed my appointment to Wednesday now for results as that's my chemo day so was able to combine. Its a 30/40 minute trip each way to hospital so didn't want to be driving backwards and forwards all week Happy

Went to wig shop this week actually but it was closed! lol I bought a scarf so I could watch you tube and try and do some fancy headscarf tying. Had a go today and looked like I was about to get on a camel! Had serious Sahara Wasn't too bad though and I think if i can get the hang of it its a good option for indoors at least.

Had ultrasound on Monday and the lady told me that the lump was responding to treatment and had reduced in size a bit. (was hoping they'd tell me I was a medical miracle and that it was all gone! lol) Oncologist will phone me on Tuesday for pre-chemo chat so he should let me know then if he's happy to carry on with current treatment..

Take care



Looking for TNBC buddies

30 Oct 2021 10:57 in response to DPC1432

Morning Kerry,

I am doing ok thanks, getting a little nervous the closer it gets, lots of operations have been cancelled at my hospital (lack of anaesthetists). They have assured me mine will go ahead.

I have just mon - fri to work this week then that's it, I'll miss all the kids.

No one in the family has had the test I'll be the first, the 2 Aunties on my Dads side passed away before testing was ever a thing they passed young, my cousin one of my deceased Aunties had bc in her late 30's and ovarian cancer she didn't want the test though as her daughter at the time was only a toddler, her daughter now is 17 and is asking for the test when she is 18, There was also a few others on my Dads side that died of various cancers including bone cancer, such a worry.  

 Wow that's a long trip to your hospital mine is a 2 minute drive I can see it from my house, fingers crossed it's just one of things and you don't carry the gene. 

You made me chuckle with your head scarf description :laugh it will take some getting used to, I think I would look odd too at least it's nearly nativity season so could blend in at primary school Laugh

That is such good news that you are getting a response and it's shrunk even a little bit, I'm like you each time I go to the hospital I think they will tell me they made an error,no chance though! 
Hopefully all goes well with your oncologist chat and they carry on shrinking that b@@t@rd lump.

Good luck on Wednesday I'll be thinking about you.

Sarah xx

Looking for TNBC buddies

10 Nov 2021 13:18 in response to Sarahsunshine


Just realised the date! Not sure how we got so far into November so fast...

I wanted to wish you all the absolute best for your op tomorrow. I hope everything goes well for you!! I'm sure it will!

Now you can start getting to the end of this horrible situation. It's a long slog ahead but you can do it - we can both do it. 

Ill be thinking of you.

Take very good care of yourself and I'm here for a chat always..



Looking for TNBC buddies

10 Nov 2021 14:09 in response to DPC1432

Hi Kerry, 

Lovely to hear from you, I hope you are doing ok and coping with the chemo, how did you get on with your gene testing? Did you get your results? 
I'm all set for tomorrow need to be there for 7:30 luckily it's only round the corner, bag is packed and the house has been scrubbed from top to bottom.

I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow.

take care lovely 

Sarah xx