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Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

13 Oct 2021 20:21 in response to JJ73


Hi Jenny,

This time twelve years ago, I had lost my mum to secondary breast cancer and had just been diagnosed myself. I had 2 young teenage children at the time and was concerned that I might not live to see them grow up. Since then I have had another bout of breast cancer,  but have seen my children leave school, go to university, graduate, find gainful employment, marry and have a family of their own. It will never be the same as it was, but I still live a busy and fulfilled life.

Breast cancer is currently one of the most treatable forms of cancer. Here's hoping that you get good news next week.

Please keep in touch.

Kind regards,
Jolamine xx

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

13 Oct 2021 20:29 in response to Picklejaz


Hi Picklejaz,

Welcome to our forum.

I too am a Mucinous cancer survivor of 12 years. In that time I have had 2 bouts. First time I had a lumpectomy and I had a double mastectomy for the second bout a year later. It is exhausting when you are going through treatment, but you will look back on all of this soon, as you get back to a more normal life.

You must be finding it difficult when you cannot work at present. This can be a lonely and isolating disease, but only if you allow it to be. Now that you have found this forum, there is always someone here for you and, if I can help in any way, you only have to let me know.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

13 Oct 2021 21:35 in response to Jolamine

Hi jolomine 

thanks for replying. My hat goes off to you having to go through this twice!! Your amazing and so strong. My chemo has started the menopause off so also dealing with hot flushes and bad sweats. I then go really cold. It happens all the time and they say they can't help me with these symptoms. It is getting me down. Did this happen to you?



Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

13 Oct 2021 21:42 in response to JJ73

Hi Jenny

Trying to be busy but chemo is hard work unfortunately. I don't really know what I'm talking about but when someone else said mucinous Cancer I recognised the term from my paperwork. 
Good luck to you on your journey just keep talking and chatting on here with everyone we can all do this 


Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

13 Oct 2021 21:53 in response to MickeyM

Hi Mickey

it sounds awful but it's nice to have someone with the same problem as you if you know what I mean!!!  

yes the chemo is to shrink the tumour as mine is quite big. Thankfully it has shrunk a little so at least what I'm going through is worth it. After the op I then have to have radiotherapy !!!! Hopefully when you get your treatment plan if you have to have this too you will know it's all standard treatment. 

im glad I joined the chat too I was beginning to feel quite isolated. 

picklejazz xx

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

13 Oct 2021 23:32 in response to Picklejaz

Hi picklejazz, 

I know exactly what you mean. Do you know if yours is pure or mixed? 
I am in awe of you, I just wanted to say that. I'm glad the chemo is shrinking the tumour though, but I know it must be so hard for you. Please don't feel alone, you're not and I know it really feels that way at times. X 

im under no illusion that my treatment plan will scare me further and I am really glad you joined this chat and don't feel isolated anymore. 
fyi, I am really suffering with the hot flushes and not steeping and not had chemo. My breast care nurse said they can give me something for that, so if you're still suffering with the flushes, ask yours. I'm sure they can sort it. 
big love Mickey xx 

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

14 Oct 2021 01:35 in response to Picklejaz


Hi Picklejaz,

I didn't have chemo, but hormone therapy for 7 and a half years. First of all I had Tamoxifen and then Letrozole. I suffered terribly with sweats particularly at night. I was first of all advised to try Clonidene by my breast care nurse, but this did nothing for me. She then suggested that some women find that Venlafaxine (Effexor), an anti-depressant, helped. I was not keen to try this at first, but it did help. As a side line it also helped to improve my emotional state.

I find that I get particularly cold when I sweat in bed, especially when I have to visit the loo. The bed is wet and cold when I return and it can take quite some time to warm up again. Have a word with your breast care nurse and see what she suggests.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

14 Oct 2021 07:47 in response to JJ73

Morning Jenny, feel groggy and sore this morning. Seeing consultant this pm, not that he can tell me much yet. Hope you find things to occupy your day off xx 

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

14 Oct 2021 07:56 in response to MickeyM

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better as the day goes on and you get a little more info this afternoon. At this stage, any action/contact has to be a good thing.
Good luck, let me know how you get on and treat yourself to something nice later. I have no idea what I'm going to do today. Try to stay off Google mainly! Xxx

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

15 Oct 2021 08:12 in response to JJ73

Morning Jenny, I hope you managed to stay off Google yesterday. It's hard isn't it, I'm trying to do the same. How are you feeling? 
I've decided to take the day off today, I'm just too tired and sore to think about work. 
Consultant and breast nurse were fabulous, they measured me for surgery and so it's all a bit real now. Seems I lost 1.5 cm on my poor breast from the vacuum biopsy, but it little matters now I keep telling myself xx 

Some days are harder than others and I'm trying to accept that and know my limitations xx 

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

15 Oct 2021 08:23 in response to MickeyM

Morning Mickey, I was just thinking about you! Good for you for taking time off work. And I'm really pleased that things are moving forward for you. Do you have a date for surgery? 

I'm convinced my right breast has shrunk just after my core biopsies. And there wasn't much breast to begin with! But I just don't care any more. I just want this whole thing to be over. I got sucked into Google a little bit yesterday but struggling to find anything I haven't already read. I was alone in the house so it was a long day. Tried to keep busy - I have a very clean kitchen! It's only a week since I was at the breast clinic, which is insane. Still feeling ok one minute and desperate the next. As is everyone here I think.

Enjoy your day off (as much as you can). It feels very autumnal out there this morning so stay cosy!

chat soon xxxx


Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

15 Oct 2021 08:44 in response to JJ73

Morning Jenny, thanks for the swift reply.  My next consultant meeting will be when they start planning the surgery after they've had the results of these latest biopsies.   For now I just know it will definitely all be done before Christmas. I've had to compartmentalise the other after treatments, as I just can't deal with that yet and really trying hard not to Google and make myself feel worse. I know exactly what you mean, our emotions are a rollercoaster and we have to be kind to ourselves. 

Same to you, enjoy your day off and try to do something you enjoy. Ordinarily I'd go for a swim and spa when off, but still can't get dressing wet, so I plan on trying to have a nap and then going for a nice autumnal walk. Thank heavens I am too sore to get sucked into housework today, lol xx 

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

18 Oct 2021 18:47 in response to JJ73

Hi Jenny, just wanted to say I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and here if you need/want to chat xx seems I took my dressing off two days too early, oh well, lol - like I could remember any instructions under anaesthetic and on my own x

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

18 Oct 2021 19:18 in response to MickeyM

Aww Mickey, thank you! I can't believe the day is finally (almost) here. I've actually been ok - possibly in denial - for a few days but really freaking out tonight. Think it's about to get real. I'll message you when I get back. Not sure how much I'll remember but hope they'll give me something in writing. My husband's coming but I think he'll be stressed too. It's all such a nightmare. Sorry, need to try to stay positive!!

Hope your wound is ok! Not sure how they expect people to remember any instructions under those circumstances. I did the opposite after my biopsy. Left the dressing on, only to find a leaflet a week later that I don't even remember them giving me, saying I should have taken the big dressing off after 48 hrs. Oh well. 

Hope you're recovering ok from your last biopsy. Are you working this week or taking it easy for a bit longer? I hope you're feeling ok, despite all this. Thanks again for being there! 

Hugs xxxx

Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

18 Oct 2021 19:30 in response to JJ73

Hi Jenny, I just saw a bit of your update on the other link,  not sure good at keeping up with that one as so many people (which is lovely) posting on it x 

I'm glad your husband is going with you. I've been told to ask for my pathology report, so scores are all there in black and white, I intend to do that at my next consultant apt when all my results are in x 

please though don't feel under pressure to feel any way, we all cope differently and we will naturally be up and down and that's ok - we just need to reach out for support. 

hilarious re the variation in instructions after biopsies- the ones on my lump I was definitely told 48 hours, but stereotactic apparently should leave the steri strips (or whatever they're called) for 5 days - oh well, what's a hole... 

here for you Jenny and routing for you xx