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Long term problems

10 Nov 2017 19:47

Went for mri of brain today utterly ashamed of myself when they tried to put canular in (only 2 attempts) cried like a baby couldn't stop shaking can't continue like this if they find what I suspect not sure can go through any more .

Re: Long term problems

10 Nov 2017 20:05 in response to Midnightfish

Bless your heart ... there's always times on this journey of ours where we just feel scared and it all gets too much ... you are a tough cookie and one day when you look back you'll wonder how you did it ... when I first went for scan they wanted me to have one in and I refused as I was shaking so much ... yet the mastectomy and taken back to theatre at 3 a m ... I was as calm as a cucumber... weird  ; )) .. so don't fret about it, bet everyone has had shaky moments... just jump back on board and hold on tight as it's always a bumpy ride ... bet kind to yourself and look after your heart ... big hug chrisie xx

Re: Long term problems

10 Nov 2017 21:01 in response to Midnightfish
Please don't be too hard on yourself. It is difficult and can be so overwhelming at times. Good luck, lots of love and a great big hug to wrap around you X

Re: Long term problems

11 Nov 2017 15:22 in response to Midnightfish

Hey - we've all been there. Itcan be a horrible  experience, especially if you're already feeling stressed out. Waiting and not knowing is so utterly stressful. Many of us find that once we've been given bad news the stress reduces, better still if the news is good. 

The last time I had a canula for put in for a scan I walked out of the nurses room, sat down in the waiting room and then fainted and fell flat out on the floor. I woke up as I was being lifted onto a stretcher! So embarrassing, especially as I've had literally dozens of canulas fitted over the past few years. 

Good luck for your results.



Re: Long term problems

27 Jan 2018 02:01 in response to Midnightfish

Is anyone out there that was treated for leukemia in the 70s...would be interested to know if you have simular experiences, problems ? Realise it's a long shot recent problems have bought old memories to the surface...midnightfish