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lletz procedure

5 Apr 2022 20:12

Hello just asking for advice, I had the lletz procedure 5 days ago I have hpv and high grade cells cin3 which now I hope have been removed, since my procedure I haven't had any bleeding but I have been feeling alot less breathless and back ache I have no idea if these are related any advice please thankyou 

lletz procedure

5 Apr 2022 20:56 in response to Bon1989

Hi I had this procedure back in September i had the same results you had also, I didn't bleed much straight away and didn't have any major complications back pain can be quite normal but if it persists always get symptoms checked, I felt a lot better after about 6 weeks I found the pressure felt much more lifted and o stopped peeing every 10 minutes lol they took the majority of the cervix away more than i thought as I went for my follow up smear today and they said they had a good go with the LLETZ treatment lol (youve probably been told to have one 6 months after your last smear date?) I advise monitoring your symptoms and if you have any persistent symptoms after 6 weeks then contact the gp, obviously heavy bleeding or severe pain etc get advice as soon as possible. I hope all goes well for you xx

lletz procedure

6 Apr 2022 08:15 in response to sophie_21

Thanks for replying, I have the heavy inside feeling so glad to hear it does pass, I have started bleeding lightly today and still have back pain. I'm awaiting my results from my lletz procedure fingers crossed they have taken it all away 

lletz procedure

6 Apr 2022 08:21 in response to Bon1989

Aw good luck for you results! The LLETZ is quite an affective treatment option and I'm pretty sure your in good hands! The waiting is the hardest bit I waited and my toes curled when they letter came through but it had all been removed i hope you have the same outcome and all goes well.