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Living with a loved one with cancer

4 Dec 2017 23:06


my name is Laurain , I am 56 and my partner of 14 yrs has lung cancer and TB .

He got the TB through chemotherapy and cannot have any cancer treatment for a year because of being on TB medication, his year is nearly up in January and we go for a CT scan on the 15th to see if the cancer has spread or stayed dormant ( prayers that it has stayed dormant ) but in the last 6 weeks geoff health has declined, he is more breathless and not eating which obviously he has lost weight , he is also getting high temperature and then it disappears , I am worried sick that the cancer has spread and I,m going to lose him , I cry every night when he is sleeping because I can’t bear the thought he might not be here soon , he is my soulmate and knows what I,m thinking before I voice it  .

all I ask if you could pray for Geoff and that either way he will be pain free.

god bless you all and thank you for reading. Xx

Re: Living with a loved one with cancer

5 Dec 2017 10:38 in response to Geoff57
Hello Laurain. I am so sorry to hear of your distress and hope that you have some support from family and friends. I had pulmonary TB in my younger years (picked up whilst spending a lot of time in India) and spent six months in hospital getting cured. I don't know how long this takes now. You must be so frightened as it sounds as though Geoff is in decline and cannot even have any treatment to slow things down. If you don't have anyone close to support you then it would be wise to talk to one of the cancer charities who can perhaps help you at a time when you must feel that you are losing what makes your life worthwhile. I feel for you and will be happy to pray for you and Geoff but this is a time when you need hands-on help - it is too tough to carry alone. If you would like to provide updates here about what is happening I will be happy to read them and reply. God bless. Anne

Re: Living with a loved one with cancer

6 Dec 2017 08:18 in response to Geoff57

Hi Laurain,

My husband has terminalcancer with months to live, I do the same, watch him while he sleeps, and cry.

We have a Macmillan nusre from the palliative care team at our hospice, she is wonderful, and visits or rings each week. I hope that things work out for you, and you get support.  am happy to reply toany posts you make. Keep strong xx

Re: Living with a loved one with cancer

31 Dec 2017 20:22 in response to Geoff57

Hi Laurain.  Just wondered how you are coping. I hope you are finding the support you need to get you through this.