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Liver resection

18 Aug 2019 16:08

Hi, I'm new. I'm due to have a liver resection  next week. Had anyone had or know anyone been through this please.  Thanks

Liver resection

18 Aug 2019 16:11 in response to Lucy7

Hello.Yes I've had 2..what would you like to know? 

Liver resection

18 Aug 2019 16:23 in response to Essmum

Hello! Thank you for replying, I'm grateful. I am having to have nearly half liver removed and will be a centre line incision so they can check everything  else. I'm just head muddled atm lol. I'll be in icu after I'm just generally worried about the pain and recovery time. Thank you. 

Liver resection

18 Aug 2019 16:30 in response to Lucy7

I had a rooftop goes across most of my abdomen.The recovery was fairly rough for the first will probably have an epidural for the first few days,that will help with the pain.

Try and get up and moving as quickly as possible as that does help with recovery.

I've never had to spend time in ICU..they normally keep me in the recovery room over night with 1 to 1 nursing. 

I was 35 when I had my first resection..the scar bothered me at first but now I'm fine with it and still wear a bikini etc .


Liver resection

18 Aug 2019 16:53 in response to Essmum

Ok thanks for your reply. I saw that you had a rare tumour? Was it large?. How are you now?. Mine is a rare one, 10 years after one was found on ovary, resulting in hysterectomy,  but I didnt get told it could come back!. Thanks for replying to me. I think if i imagine the worst I'll be ok lol. I presume the worst is after op and recovering  for months and if they can get it all.  Hope you are doing ok. 

Liver resection

18 Aug 2019 18:40 in response to Lucy7

Yes the first one was second resection the tumour was a lot smaller..

The first couple of days after surgery are the worst.I only stay in hospital 4-5 days and always recover much quicker at home..

My last resection was done in a liver transplant centre by a transplant surgeon..I was back at work in a couple of months

I'm doing ok now.Still have regular scans and have a few spots in my liver still but I live a normal life..I work full time,enjoy travelling etc.

Liver resection

18 Aug 2019 18:56 in response to Essmum

Ok thank you. Well done on your recovery. Hopefully you wont need anymore surgery. You have aleviated some of my fears,  thank you, much appreciated . Well done on living  life to the full. Thanks again for replying and best wishes.

Liver resection

18 Aug 2019 19:24 in response to Lucy7

You're most welcome..

Good luck with the surgery xx

Liver resection

19 Aug 2019 13:11 in response to Lucy7

Hi Lucy,

I see you’ve already received a response - if you wanted to discuss anything more I had a resection at age 27 (now 35) initially for suspected fibrolamellar that was later confirmed as HCC. 


Liver resection

19 Aug 2019 19:47 in response to Hcork108

Hi Hannah, thanks for your reply. I do hope you are doing ok. Did you have any issues with what you could eat afterwards? And I presume your liver has healed and grown. I'm just concerned with having to have so much if my liver taken and gall bladder. Sorry I'm not sure what hhc is 

Thank you

Liver resection

19 Aug 2019 20:28 in response to Lucy7

Hi Lucy,

No issues at all with what I could eat, but I used it as an excuse to eats lots of chocolate. The main challenges I think are fatigue and being able to manoeuvre in and out of bed and from sit to stand/walking far. I felt tired for months after and remember the scar taking a longish time to heal. I was meant to have 50% taken and they took 30% in the end. It doesn’t grow back in a physical sense, just the cells that remain become more productive. 

HCC is hepatocellular carcinoma, so regular liver cancer rather than a rarer variant. The mass was 15cm when resected and hadn’t metastasised so I was pleased with the outcome of the surgery.

Have they indicated what type you might have? And when is your surgery date?

Liver resection

19 Aug 2019 22:16 in response to Hcork108

Hi , many thanks for reply. Lol@ chocolate!

Surgery is this coming Wednesday.  Ah about the re growing bit, everything you read seems to indicate it grows back, good to know. The tumour is on right side of liver so I'll lose the big section. Right trisectionectomy? Hopefully they'll be able to get it all as it's near the main centre vein.  I had a hysterectomy  about 9 years ago as had a tumour on ovary they said it was benign  but apparently  its spread to the liver!.  From MRI's it doesn't seem to have gone anywhere  else but they are doing a mid line incision  to check as much as possible. 

So glad your outcome has been ok, hope you keep well. I'm just going to have to be prepared  to not be able to do much for quite a while.  Thank you again for your reply, very informative.  

Liver resection

20 Aug 2019 10:17 in response to Lucy7

Yeah I had a mid line incision, so they could move bits about and have a good ‘ol look! 

I hope the surgery is straightforward for you and you recover well. I think as long as you are prepared for it to be a bit of hard work you aren’t going into it blind. 

I did a lot of swimming when I was able to, I found it relaxing and it helped to get the abdominal muscles back in the right place.

If you need anything else give me a shout. 

Liver resection

20 Aug 2019 12:51 in response to Hcork108

Thanks, somehow feels better to know other people have been through simelar things too.  Appreciate the tips and as you say sometimes the more you know and the worst to expect makes it bit easier.  Sorry just thought of something, what did you wear after the op in hospital? Could you wear a bra etc , loose t shirt? Regarding the incision. 

Thanks for the replies, glad to hear everything  was a success, keep well and take care  x

Liver resection

20 Aug 2019 13:57 in response to Lucy7

No bra! I think it would hurt - my incision isn’t all that far below the middle of my breasts and they put a torso-length piece of material down it to support you (you press it against you as you manoeuvre) I wore lose t-shirts and pyjama style trousers. There wasn’t too much walking about at least until the epidural came out. Only walking I really did was when the physio came and made me wade about. 

I always wanted to be as well informed as possible through my journey though some people find comfort in not knowing until it happens. Be kind and patient with yourself in the recovery, it’s long and physically taxing but you’ll get there x