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14 Jan 2022 22:37

Yesterday I went into hospital for gall bladder removal. Surgeon wasn't happy and asked for ct scan and blood tests before surgery. 
showed v low platelets and a few spots on my liver. 
he v matter of fact said he couldn't remove gall bladder because I had liver cancer. 
said to go home and wait to hear from team. 
Im now waiting until next week with no support. 
don't know what to expect. 
Anyone been here?


15 Jan 2022 00:55 in response to Mobald

Hello Mobald,

                       this will have been a nasty shock,sorry but l could have couched that in much stronger terms but the very nice moderators monitoring this sight would get upset if l did. .l am not sure which been here you are referring to,but l have had my gallbladder removed and liver resected if thats what you mean.l was also down for bowel cancer surgery only when they discovered it had migrated and my op was held back and then switched to liver first

As for not removing the gallbladder on the day l would suspect they will need to run tests to find out what is the primary cancer,level of spread,and work out a programme of surgery and treatment,My own little visitor decided to holiday from my bowel.You will almost certainly be assigned to an MDT, multi disciplinary team comprising of the range of cancer treatment specialists.

So you can expect scans,bloodtests ect to enable the team to progress forward,and dependant on what the tests reveal a selection best suited for your circumstances from the menu of pre op  chemo/radiotherapy, surgery,post op chhemo/radiotherapy.You should expect that things will move pretty quickly from here on,although the waiting always seems a whole lot longer than it actually is.Everyones cancer is different but my advice is to stay as calm as possible and try not scaling high walls before finding out that there is actually a gate that you can open and walk through..My diagnosis was seven years ago and l live a full very physical active life, which gives you an idea of possible outcomes..

l hope your wait is bearable and you will soon get more information from the specialists that will be treating you.Its a good idea to write all your questions down for when you meet your consultant, and just hand it to them,most people will struggle to take all the information in,and a phone that records would be one suggestion if ok with your consultant.Good luck and if you need anything further from me,l will always respond,