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21 Feb 2021 08:38

Hi I found a lump on my back which is quite large now went to doctors he referred me for ultra sound had ultrasound where he said was lipoma but because of size I would need MRI my doctor rang few days later to say he had seen ultra sound and I would get a MRI soon as it's down to be a quick one I now have MRI this week so all happened very quickly also said a cancer nurse may ring I'm a little confused could it be something else or am I just thinking too much into this any reply's would be appreciated thsnks 


23 Feb 2021 10:14 in response to Laus2886

Hi Laus2886,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. I can imagine this must all be a little unsettling, especially with the speed of it all. However at least it should mean you get all the answers you need before too long.

Hopefully since your post you have been able to find out a little more about this, or will do so soon.

Whatever happens we're always here for support on the forum if you need it at any point.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator