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18 Mar 2023 19:40

Has anyone given up letrozole and still be ok and had no recurrence as , I ve been given four different brands now with Cipla being the best and sun pharma omg , terrible keg and leg muscle pains and it's not nice , I've cried with it and I have a strong pain threshold 

any suggestions appreciated although I'm now on Vit D3 - K2 as advised by gp and doing yoga but I really think it's this brand of letrozole as ok on the others 

plus I've developed a bone spur on the top of my foot is this due to letrozole ?



19 Mar 2023 04:36 in response to Wendy58

Hi, like you I want to stop taking this horrid drug.It only gives more problems.Ther has to be something more effective.  This has been around 40 years my mother was on this ,& had same side effects then. Why oh why ? What ar others taking if anything. Is it because at 66 I get the cheapest? Is there too many of us? We just don't matter anymore .


24 Mar 2023 13:15 in response to Pipestril

Hi. I've been on letrozole for just over a year. It's side effects are horrible. I have awful joint pains, hot flushes and brain fog. I have acupuncture which helps and I do Pilates, plus I walk a few miles daily but as soon as I sit for a short while I get so stiff. Any recommendations for the best brand and how to combat the side effects ?