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14 Jul 2019 09:40

I have discovered a small pea size lump by the bottom of my arm pit, it has gradually got bigger and deeper so it was harder to feel and locate so put it to the back of my mind really. Over the past week it has grown to about the size of half a ping pong ball and is very tender.

do I need to get this checked as an emergency or could it be a possible hernia?

im not a worrier but must admit this has got me wondering 

many thanks


14 Jul 2019 21:25 in response to Laus

Hi there ...

I wouldn't panic ... but get a G Ps appointment this week to check it .. you may have aggravated it by keep feeling it ... I've often had pea sized lumps under my arm pit ... it can be from a knock or cut or little infection and the lymph nodes trying to drain it ... could be a few different things ...

But the soonest seen the soonest sorted...  Chrissie  x


14 Jul 2019 21:30 in response to Chriss


Hi Laus,

Welcome to the forum.

I agree with Chrissie. Instead of wondering, get it checked out by your GP. As Chrissie says, there could be many different causes, but you are just as well to make sure.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx