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Large breast lump - GP says not benign

16 May 2020 16:03

Hi all,

I've had an inverted nipple with occasional shooting pains for about a year. It started during a period of rapid weight loss through stress so I just put it down to that. But a couple of days ago I noticed puckering, and when I rang 111 and they told me to check, there's a lump the size of a plum in there!!

I had my GP appt yesterday and as expected have been referred for an urgent appointment. No surprise there. But when I said 'It could be benign though?' she immediately shook her head and looked down. When I pressed her she conceded that until the biopsy results no-one can be 100% sure, but said 'it's suspicious though'. When I joked that I could at least kind myself until the results, she shook her head and looked down again, then repeated that it was suspicious. 

I expected the referral. What shook me was the GPs apparent certainty that the lump is cancerous and her refusal to give me the slightest room for any false hope!

Has anyone had a similar experience with the GP at this stage? And how did it turn out?

TIA xxx

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

16 May 2020 21:37 in response to Evie123

Hi @Evie123 ‍ 

I am really sorry you had this response from your GP, I cannot say I have had an exact response.

first its good she is sending you for a test, my GP sent me to an oral surgeon for a mouth lump and said the surgeon might want to do a biopsy.

When the surgeon said she did want to do one, that made me worry, but the result was a mucous filled salivary gland.

I told myself that referrals and tests are not evidence for cancer, results are the only evidence for cancer,

I hope the day comes quickly for you and the results do, while you are at your test, you could ask the specialist about the cancer risk, GP's are good but they are general practitioners, the breast specialists are the experts.

If its any consolation, I got a mammogram recall in 2016 and had to have a sonography, it was just a benign cyst. They told me immediately. Please keep us informed.

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

16 May 2020 22:16 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Hi, thank you for your reply. 

I've had many friends on Facebook telling me about their scare stories that turned out to be nothing to worry about so I'm trying to hold on to that. 

I knew I was going to get a referral as there is obviously cause for concern. I was just really shocked that the GP refused to say it could be benign!

Thank you for sharing your experiences. It's really helpful to hear!!

Anyway I'm trying not to worry *too* much and have had lots of support, which has been a huge help. I'll update my post when I hear anything - the GP said I should have the letter by Wednesday and the appointment should be within 2 weeks, so hopefully I won't have too long to wait xx

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

17 May 2020 21:21 in response to Evie123

Hi @Evie123 ‍ 

Glad you have something to hold onto in positive facebook stories that turned out non cancer.

Glad you have loads of support also.

It's also very useful you have a timescale on when to expect letter, and appointment, hope the waiting time is as easy as possible for you although I know waiting can be anxious.


Large breast lump - GP says not benign

18 May 2020 10:48 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Thanks Hope2 Happy

I've done lots of reading around and there's a still a small chance it could be a cluster of cysts rather than a tumour. But realistically I think it will turn out to be Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. The shape feels mostly circular but somewhat lumpy, and situated in the middle of the breasts. It's pulling the nipple in as the growth is spreading through/around the milk ducts. It seems an almost classic growth pattern and is the most common form of breast cancer, which is why I think the GP was so certain it's cancerous and not benign.

So realistically I think it's IDC. Just hoping it's still at stage 2 and hasn't spread - the GP couldn't find anything in my lymph nodes so fingers crossed.

Everyone says the waiting is the worst so fingers crossed it won't be too long before I know for sure. It's pretty much all I can think about, and having someone to talk about it helps, so thank you so much for your support Happy xx

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 00:07 in response to Evie123

Hi I wish I knew what to say. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you please let us know as soon as you know more in the meantime big hugs. x

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 05:14 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Thank you. Hugs are always welcome! 

Not much to do now except wait and try to stay as calm as possible. I'll update you after my appointment xx

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 20:15 in response to Evie123

Hi @Evie123 ‍ 

Hope the wait is as calm as possible - glad you liked the hugs.

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 20:19 in response to Evie123

Just read your post and yes I had the same thing with my vulva cancer. The female doctor said we are treating you for the wrong thing that looks suspicious. Unfortunately mine was a rare form for my age as its normally coming in older ladies 60's'-80's 

You will be fine ❤ remember stay strong and positive xxx

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 21:03 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Thank you Hope2, I'm trying to stay calm. I'm managing it on the whole, surprisingly. But as I'm sure everyone here will be familiar with, that calm is punctuated with bouts of sudden tears and moments where the panic overtakes and I just can't breathe!!

Your support is lovely and greatly appreciated, thank you so much xxx

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 21:16 in response to Racheal

Hi Racheal!

Lovely to see you here! thank you for coming here and giving your support, I really appreciate it. You had a similar experience with your last cancer then it seems? The GP gave me no reason for hope whatsoever! But after extensive research I think I can see why now. It's not so much a matter of if I've got cancer, as how far it's spread.

It must have felt so unfair, having a cancer older people get  But you got through it hun so please try to hold on to that. I honestly think you're going to be ok this time - it's the worry and wait they're putting you through that upsets me for you. But when they finally pull their fingers out and get your appointment sorted I hope you'll feel strong even if the news isn't great. You're a survivor and you will be again!!

I'm sure it will be good news though, it's the wait and worry they're putting you through that upsets me on your behalf. I wish I could ring them myself for you and give them hell lol.

Pleas stay strong and positive too hun ❤ xxx

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 21:45 in response to Evie123

Hi @Evie123 ‍ 

I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so sad.

I wish I could say more to help you you mean while big hugs.

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 22:26 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Thank you hun ❤

On the whole I'm trying to stay positive and convince myself it's just stage 2. But every so often I get overwhelmed. I'm sure you've felt the same! 

And talking to people outside of here, I mostly feel like I'm trying to reassure them! 'Of course it could be benign! I'm sure even if it isn't they'll treat it! Most cancers have positive outcomes!' 

But in my core there's a part of me that's terrified. And every so often I just can't keep it up, can't stop the tears and can't breathe...

Realistically - and I do mean realistically - it's likely to be Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I'm not really going to my appointment to find out if it's cancer, I'm going to find out what stage it's at. And it's minimal stage 2.

But I'm fine on the whole! And it could still be benign!!

Lol. Thank you so much for being here. There isn't anything anyone can say. But I'm grateful you're here to listen and respond ❤ xxx

Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 22:53 in response to Evie123

Hi @Evie123 ‍ 

I am really sorry you are overwhelmed. I know that feeling, I have some non cancer overwhelming worries.

I treally do hope it's benign.

I just want to put my arms roumd you and want to hug you.

It must be awful the worry, pm me anytime if you wanna chat.


Large breast lump - GP says not benign

19 May 2020 22:58 in response to Hope2bcancerFree

Thank you so much, you are such a great support ❤ and it really means a lot.

I've just started a new thread, I doubt it will be popular. But I've had a few glasses of wine now and decided if it's stage 4 I may as well enjoy life. Except we're in lockdown and there's no-one to party with...