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Just wanted to say hello

9 Dec 2017 13:04

I have not suffered from cancer myself but have lost family and friends over the years, also seen others go through difficult treatment.  I also follow the progress or otherwise of treatments for pediatric cancers.  I will try to give a friendly word to anyone who is suffering.  I am retired local authority housing manager so have more time to chat with people when not out exercising my little dog.  I live in South London.

Re: Just wanted to say hello

9 Dec 2017 23:17 in response to Annieliz

Hi there Annie... welcome to our little chat room ... I've seen you helping others, and giving them support which is invaluable to those looking for someone to answer ... especially this time of year, when lots of us are busy ... and even though your lucky enough not to have this cruel cancer, you know lots about it, and that's just as helpful ... so good on you, carry on the good work, and it does make a difference... and when I'm on my rest days, it does help to fill a low day by trying to chat to others ... 

Big hug to you kind lady ... ❤ xx

Re: Just wanted to say hello

10 Dec 2017 00:01 in response to Chriss

Hello Chris; I had seen you around and was wanting to say hello.  I am a novice to this; at the moment I am tied to the house more than than usual with an ulcer on my foot and a HUGE compression dressing on it.  I confess I have never been good at minding my own business and it is so nice for you to say that it is helpful.  There is such a need out there and I will keep it up if it helps anybody.  Let's face it we all need help sometimes.  I am pleased that you are doing well and giving so much back.  Will keep in touch from time to time as sometimes there are things that you understand better than myself.  Hope that's okay.  Best wishes preparing for Christmas!

Re: Just wanted to say hello

12 Mar 2018 15:54 in response to Annieliz

Thought I would say hello back at ya Happy So sorry about the family and friends you have lost over the years but so nice of you to give a friendly word to others. What a cute little fur baby you have, too!